Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Remember the lady, Gloria Stuart, who played the old Rose in the movie, Titanic?? She was the one who was basically doing the narrative of the story all about Rose and Jack falling in love. Well... take a look at the old LINDA. Can you believe it?? DO I NOT LOOK ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE OLD ROSE DID??

OMG... I so LOVE this pict. I'M AGED 40 YEARS IN THIS SHOT!! Which of course is why I am SO in love with the AGING APP that I downloaded to my smartphone. ISN'T THIS GREAT?? I get to actually SEE what I'll look like as a friggin' oldie goldie lady! Oh man... I could play with this toy for days on end. My friends cant' even get over how much fun I have taking everyone's picture and then bingo. Aging them! They think I'm nuts. Which granted I very well may be, but who cares.

I think I'm merely easily amused, for amused I totally am! Every time I age a new person with the app, I burst out laughing and have the time of my life showing everyone within three blocks of my location. I'm telling you... you have SO got to get this toy. It will make you roar every time you find a new victim. Oops. I mean a new friend to age.

Today I was at a fancy schmancy luncheon when the shot up above was taken. I was dressed in a stunning deep charcoal knitted maxi dress, had on beautiful charcoal stockings, black patent shoes and was all dolled up in pearls. Very much your prim and proper sort of look. Everyone else was also dressed in very pretty outfits but THEY were busy acting lady like and sophisticated. I was busy snapping photos of anyone sitting within ear shot of me, then immediately applying it to my new app and then... busy laughing my ass off like crazy! I can't WAIT to show this to my kid! Oh yeah... I EVEN DID HIM from a picture I already had! TALK ABOUT FREAKY.

The best part is that I tell no one I'm going to age them. I just point my phone camera at them and direct them TO SMILE. These poor innocent people always comply and THEN within moments I get busy at work doing the aging deal and within just a few more moments... I go back over and tell them: HERE... TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR PICTURE. CAME OUT NICE, RIGHT??  hahahahhahaaa DON'T EVEN IMAGINE MY HILARITY. They are ASTOUNDED. I on the other hand, am practically rolling on the floor, simply crazed with delight and amusement. It's soooo sick, I know, but I just can't help it. I LOVE this toy. 

And, you will too... download it NOW. And then of course, send YOUR pict to me so I can once again laugh right out loud. I'm telling you... this will brighten up any bulls%$@^ day you are having in a NY minute. I promise. 

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