Sunday, October 28, 2012


I had a pretty good time last night. I went to a Halloween Party and I loved it for a number of reasons. First of all, it was Monica and David's annual party and each year they wear THE most fantastic costumes you ever saw. Tonight they were dressed as if they were nomads in the desert but I mean... not just any nomads... kinda like upscale Sultans of the desert or something. Definitely like those you'd find living in Mideastern Palaces.

Second of all, the folks that come to this party, by invitation mandate, all have to come in real live actual costumes. I can not beLIEVE the ideas people come up with. They are fantastic! Last year I went as a high class call girl. The guy I went with was dressed as my pimp. Boom. We totally had a great time dressing up. THIS year however, I went as that which I only wished I were: A SOCIALITE. You can see a picture of me up above. Talk about EASY. I got dressed in my regular clothes, added a few touches of fabulous bling and bingo. I was comfy and ready to go. Now THIS costume was an easy stretch for me, for sure. Especially since in my fantasies, I'd KILL to have been a famous, filthy rich New York socialite from about the 1900's. Man, now THEY knew how to live, alright. Oh yeah... check out the fascinator on my head. So like Pippa, right?? That and my ring were my favorite accessories, btw.

Third of all, the food selections at these parties are always fantastic... NATURALLY,  a big draw for me. Granted, it doesn't take much to please my palate, but doesn't matter. I love the delicious choices. I myself happened to bring major fudge brownies that I earlier decided I should bring just in case. As in: I wanted to be SURE there was a decadent dessert of sorts. Uh... mission accomplished.

Fourth of all, Monica goes all out in the decoration department. Even the bathrooms had spooky, life sized creatures greeting you. In fact, when you entered the front door to the party, there was like a six foot inflatable spider with fuzzy hair all over it's legs. Kinda freaky now that I think about it. Even the pictures on the walls were tilted with cob webs hanging all over the place. Am telling you... there is never a question what this holiday celebration is all about.

Which begs the question... what the heck will I possibly be, come NEXT Halloween?? I'm thinking: given my new little boy hair cut... maybe I'll just go as: Easy... a Little Boy. White shirt, long pants, red suspenders, saddle oxfords and a big lollipop with stripes all over it. Boom. I'm good to go. Of course, I have to be invited first.

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