Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A $698K COAT

See this white coat?? That's exactly what it's called: a WHITE COAT. It's worn by doctors, lab technicians, chemists, etc. I'm thinking this particular white coat cost me oh... let's say: about $698 thousand dollars thus far maybe?? And, it's not over yet, either. This coat belongs to my kid... he got it from Physician's Assistance School the other day and man, is he ever thrilled with it. He should be. It's the most expensive article of clothing he'll ever own. Oops. I mean: I'll ever buy for him.  

My son began the P.A. Program last August. Apparently his first degree from the University of Florida wasn't enough. Nor did he have one inkling of interest in his major. Just my luck. THAT alone cost what? About $60k when all was said and done?? Don't ask. He couldn't have figured all that out in his FRESHman year?? Geez. Anyway, he's now in college again for two years, for this new degree and then he'll spend an extra year in Grad School. Cha-ching. Cha-ching. Cha-ching. And believe me... that's not the sound of his eventual salary, either. That's the sound of what I'll be paying to help him GET that salary.

In the meantime, I am simply delighted for my kid. First of all, I love him dearly. Secondly, he is as much me as he is his Dad, if not more so. Thirdly, he's got the most fantastic sense of humor you ever saw. Fourthly, his personality knocks my socks off. Well, when it's not pissing me off, that is. Fifthly, he's so damn entertaining, it kills me. He makes me laugh more than anyone else I've ever known. Sixthly, I love being in his company. Especially since as I said... he's so much like me. Seventhly, he loves me dearly in return.

Soooo, as I said, I'm tickled pink for my son. He sounds great, loves the classes and is studying his ass off in all of them. Therefore, when others bitch that they are not willing to fund their kid forever, I take a different view. I'm more than happy to invest in my own child. Especially since I know it means so much to him AND I'll be assured that once and for all... he'll eventually be off my own particular pay roll at long last. YIPPEE. I'LL TAP DANCE FOR SURE WHEN THAT DAY FINALLY ARRIVES. Oh man. I so can't wait.

As for now... I'm pretty damn proud of my kid. Yes, for the fact he is working hard toward a wonderful goal. But even more so... for letting absolutely no price tag whatsoever stand in the way of a really great piece of clothing. See?? He definitely DOES have my genes, afterall. Talk about the apple not falling from the tree.

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