Monday, October 8, 2012


Today I went to a shoe store that is pretty much my idea of heaven.

Granted... it's sort of a pain to shop in due to zillions of crowded aisles, but trust me... the HUGE selection way makes up for the warehouse type environment. Man, I've never SEEN so many shoes in one place.

I needed two specific pairs of shoes. To add to my already 4000 pairs, but who's counting. I needed a pretend UGG type of wool lined boot to take with me to Boston and Newport next month. Turns out the temps there could be COLD and I hate when my feet are not nice and toasty. I also hate paying $150 or more a pair when I can easily get the knock off look for a mere $49. In addition, I needed a pretty, feminine styled short suede boot to wear with slacks, skirts, etc. BUT which also have a smooth lining inside. I want to be able to slip my foot right smack into the shoe without screwing up my fancy schmancy thin knee high hosiery.

Sooooo... earlier today I headed out to this shoe mega store, about 20 minutes away. First thing I noticed when I pulled into the parking lot was WHOA. EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE CITY IS HERE? WTF?? I'm telling you... the parking lot was PACKED. This place must make money hand over fist, for sure!

Second thing I noticed was that if you can't find a pair of shoes HERE then you aren't even trying. It's simply unbelievable. There must be thousands of pairs of shoes on these shelves. However... I only needed two. So bingo. I began my mission which took easily, an hour of searching. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

For in fact... I'm thrilled to report I walked away with EXACTLY what I wanted. I got two pairs of black boots, both of which I'll use here this winter as well as on this trip up north. I had checked out plenty of other stores before I went out yet again today, but could not find what I was looking for. However... 'tis a problem no more, I'm happy to say.

And believe me... I could almost use these new shoes TODAY. It's cold as hell here right now. Seriously. The highs are like in what?? The low 50s?? With wind making it feel even colder. Like in the high 40s?? Actually, I am wearing the suede boots as we speak given I'm headed out to the movies pretty soon.

Anyway, it's always such a great feeling to find just what you need and therefore I'm feeling pretty spiffy at the moment. Factor in of course the uh... little extra pair of boots that I bought... and whammo. I'm feeling even spiffier. I know... I only needed two, but had to get three since I am a major sucker for anything black patent and I also found a pair of GREAT black patent boots. SO up my alley. 

The topper to the whole day is not only will I soon be munching on movie theater popcorn, but will also be doing Mexican cuisine for dinner, afterwards. What could be bad? Shoes AND delicious food all in one day. I'm totally smiling.      

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