Friday, October 19, 2012


See these four women? The two on the ends are sisters and the two in the middle are sisters. AND... we were all friends when growing up. And I mean GROWING UP. The middle two lived on the street behind Claudia and I and we played together ALOT since we were like five and six years old.

NOW look at us. OMG... it's freakin' amazing. Turns out I got an email about a month ago from of of the girls up above telling me they were going to be in my area this week. IMMEDIATELY I jumped for joy and made plans to be with them when I got their arrival dates. We hadn't seen each other in over 55 years!!! WHOA. Talk about feeling old.

While I had first caught up with the girls the night before last, we all gathered again last night, here at my house before going out to dinner. There was SO much to talk about. Especially about all the OTHER kids we played with on the block... both boys and girls. Life was so easy back then. We actually had play time outdoors and we actually all played.

Tether ball was a huge hit with everyone and that we played in Ricky M.'s driveway. We also played baseball with God knows what for bases. We all figured the Biro family was nuts but I had no clue Chuck's Dad was an alcoholic until about 15 hours ago. Which reminds me... ANYthing you want to know about ANYbody we played with on the block... go to these two sisters. Apparently there isn't a moment they missed in getting all the gossip about the families then OR now.   

Susan... one of the sisters up above... and I played hopscotch four million times, I'll bet, while growing up. I told her I think about her EVERYtime my knees make a creaking sound lately. I'm so serious. There is no way all that jumping from box to box could have possibly been good for my youthful, developing knees! Besides, we never even heard of athletic shoes way back then, so I was jumping every friggin' day of the week in my crappy ass little red Keds, which I am SURE couldn't be so medically hotsi totsi on the pavement right smack in the middle of the street. Which reminds me... I guess I needed the red sneakers to naturally, go with my red 1955 Rollfast bicycle which I also rode every friggin' day of the week. Wasn't until I was 12 that I moved up to a three speed English Racer, but whatever.  

We also talked about how absolutely FANTASTIC the brownies their mother made always tasted. And, get this... their Mom is STILL ALIVE. Like in her 90's! We talked about everyone else's Mother, too. I mean it was like reliving your very own hardcore, REAL childhood right here on my outside deck with people who actually KNEW you as a child in your childhood. Don't even ask how many times I slept over at Susan's house, btw. Who could count???

All I can tell you is that Claudia and I loved being with these girls once again. If even for a couple of days. The memories and/or gossip was simply spectacular. We all remember our parents who must have been in their what?? 30s and 40s way back then?? We all remember the next door neighbors and the people who lived on every house lining the entire street. And NOW we all know what's happened to everyone of those family members in the past 55 years.

I'm telling you... this entire reunion was just so totally incredible. In fact, major suggestion here: I think you too, need to make contact with someone from your old neighborhood. First of all... they'll be thrilled to hear from you and second of all... if they are anything like these two little girls... you'll find out exactly what happened to everyone you ever played with while a still a kid. You're in for some excellent info, trust me.  

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  1. Those were simpler times for one walked their dog either, they just ran free. I can remember going to ur house after school and maybe we played hopscotch too!


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