Thursday, October 25, 2012


Saturday night I went to a wonderful birthday party. Ed's party to be exact. Ed is a fantastic guy and he had this major celebration at one of his favorite restaurants. Thanks to me, I might add.

It went down sorta like this: Often I walk into this restaurant for lunch and boom. I run into Vicky and Ed. One day they were talking about his upcoming birthday and they were lamenting about whether or not they would have a party. WHAT??? I said. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? OF COURSE YOU NEED TO HAVE A PARTY!! IT'S ALMOST MANDATORY! 

Certainly, given Ed's milestone. Certainly, given his good health. Certainly given his love of happy times. And certainly given all the great family and friends he has who would LOVE to celebrate with him. Uh... including me. So... we chatted about it for a bit and while they were checking off all the reasons it might be tough, I was busy listing all the reasons why each constraint could be overcome. I couldn't be sure whether or not they bought into my theory, but I sure hoped so. REGARDLESS...

My seed was planted in their brain afterall... and what'da ya know?? Next thing I know I see a fabulous invitation addressed to me and bingo! PARTY'S ON. It was great, too. Excellent food, all our friends, his kids, her kids, and yippee. Even champagne!! Who could ask for more. The picture posters made by Vicky were outstanding, btw. All I can tell you is... the restaurant that night was all abuzz with fun, frolic and feast. And with all of Ed's gag gifts. 

My favorite being the one which you can see in the picture up above. HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THE INFLATABLE WALKER?? Soooo hilarious!! I voted this the best gift of the night, actually. Although I must say I didn't see any of the others, but this one is surely in the top five if you ask me. I don't even know who gave it to him, but man, do they ever get major points.

So do I, come to think of it. For I am SOOO GLAD Ed decided to have a party afterall. He so deserved it and we should ALL celebrate wonderful milestones. Afterall... at our age, we never know how many we'll even have LEFT. Thus... there's a lesson in here somewhere. As in:

Don't ever pass up on reasons to share good times with friends. God knows, I don't. Besides, it's those exact good friends who will surely be by our side when not so good times roll around. And, they will, trust me. Especially at our age. So roll out the red carpet, find a reason to have a party and ENJOY THE HELL OUT OF IT. I know Ed did. Need proof?? Here he is, during his speech in which he mentioned ME! 

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