Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Geez... I'm so going nuts without Bonnie. Today is Monday and normally she's here to help me pay bills, etc. Except she can't come today given she's had knee surgery and as we speak, Bonnie is living in the rehab place for yet another a couple of weeks. Trust me... I'm in way more pain than she is. Well maybe, anyway.

All I know is that today, once again, I had to pay my bills all by myself. It's a total challenge for me, although I will admit it can't get any easier since I do it all online. AND most of the monthly bills are already set up for a re-occurring payment method. THAT I set up with Bonnie weeks before she had her surgery. So basically... yes... I know it's a completely Mickey Mouse chore. However, that still doesn't pacify me, but so be it. 

Anyway, in addition to paying the bills, I especially hate having to make all the phone calls due to bills that need questioning. There's ALWAYS something that is just a bit amiss. Actually, Direct TV and Blue Cross Blue Shield is high on that list. There is ALWAYS a question that needs to be addressed with those two companies thus that is something I let Bonnie do for me for SURE. I have a question, boom. I hand Bonnie the phone. Except today I couldn't.

Today I had to do it myself. Case in point: I had a bill from my florist and I see that on one particular day, I apparently bought eight stems of Calla Lilies. Except I normally only get four. HUH?? WHAT HAPPENED?? THEY DOUBLE CHARGED ME?? HMMMM. So lickety split, I got on the phone with Pam, asked her what the deal was and only THEN did she remind me that the last time I came in, I ALSO bought four stems for a hostess gift I needed for that evening. OOPS. I totally forgot. See?? My memory IS fried. Pam then said: WHAT? I HAVE TO REMIND YOU OF YOUR SOCIAL ACTIVITIES TOO?? To which I naturally said: YES! Man... I need reminding of EVERYthing at this age.

The other thing I hate about bills is that THEY ALWAYS KEEP COMING. Month in and month out! It's not like you can ever say... OKAY, YIPPEE. I TOOK CARE OF THAT AND NOW I CAN MOVE ON. For next thing you know, you turn around and bingo. BILLS ARE THERE ALL OVER AGAIN IN JUST MERE DAYS. I soooo hate jobs like that. This reminds me of way back when, I'd vacuum the carpet because company was coming over or something, and I'd have to tell my family: SORRY. YOU CAN'T WALK WHILE IN THE HOUSE. I JUST DID THE CARPET. SO PLEASE... JUST LEARN TO FLY OVER IT. But whatever.

At least today I did what I had to do. Pay the bills. And with only one phone call, no less. Which meant that when I went to play Canasta today... I went with a lightened heart, knowing my job here was done. Of course now, I have to go do the damn laundry. Now THAT'S a job that needs doing over and over and over again. Talk about never ending! In my next life, I definitely want a staff. And trust me... I'm not talking the kind that Moses used.

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