Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I can not even tell you just how heavy my heart kind of is, right now. Why you ask?? Easy: I watched the HBO documentary about Ethel Kennedy and am just AMAZED with this astounding woman. Just as I am with Robert Kennedy. Who btw, is as much a key character in the documentary as is his wife. 

I am so telling you... PLEASE WATCH THIS FILM. You will walk away with the deepest respect for this couple and an even greater sense of loss that Bobby is no longer with us than you might already feel.

We all know everything there is to know about Jack and Jackie, but I dare say there is still much to be learned about possibly Bobby and definitely Ethel. For me... certainly Ethel was the least known in terms of details about her personal life and her spoken words... and her part in the Kennedy clan at large. Jackie was always the one upon whom I clung to for admiration, for adoration and for familiarity. SHE always has been... and probably always will be... my alltime favorite. That said...

Move over Jackie... you have got some mighty stiff competition going on here. Man... the story of Bobby and Ethel just has me so moved, it's unbelievable. NO one can possibly walk away from this documentary without a well of sadness and perhaps even a tear, at watching the marriage of these two people unfold so beautifully yet ending so tragically. I just can't find the words to describe how mesmerized I was during this entire film. Besides... 11 children??? OMG.. what the hell was she THINKING?? On the other hand, I am thrilled knowing that while she lost her husband when he was only 42 years old... they obviously must have had one hell of a sex life while he was alive.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... Bobby, as all the Kennedy men, had affairs outside their marriages. But to me... they were just that. Affairs. Nothing at all having to do with meaningful love and everything to do with mere hot and lustful sex. In the end, the devotion of both Jack and Bobby was such that they were highly committed to... and more importantly... very much in love with their wives. Joe Sr. and Teddy?? Not so much. But whatever.

Regardless... all YOU have to worry about is just how soon you can get to your DVR and record this HBO special. You will not regret watching this, I promise. The film footage is remarkable and plentiful and the continuous narrative of all of Bobby's children is stupendous. Ethel's narrative is sheer inspirational and movingly educational. I loved every damn second of it. 

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