Sunday, November 25, 2012


I'm pretty damn thankful this entire weekend. No wonder. MY KID IS HOME. How much do I love that?? It's just so great when he is around. Even though as we speak... he's taking a time out, screwing up our entire dinner schedule by sitting and watching the Florida/Florida State game in spite of the fact he told me ten minutes ago... OKAY. LET'S MOVE IT. Naturally, I got ready to do so, bundling myself all up given it's 39 degrees outside, only to find out... uh... he's rescheduling the departure time altogether since Florida just scored. Duh... I finally got the message and had to get all de-bundled.

Still... it's fantastic having him here, though. We had a simply delicious Thanksgiving Dinner with 12 of us gathering together and man, was I psyched about the stuffing that I had been looking forward to days before. I don't know what got into me... I was like CRAVING the stuffing this year. Anyway, I ate that and all the other goodies and let me tell you there were goodies gaLORE. I was in feast heaven.

Yesterday my kid and I spent what? Like three hours maybe at the Verizon store?? But it was totally worth it since... Yippee. Thanks to my kid's excellent knowledge of all things techie, I got a fanTAStic new HD phone and I absolutely love it. After dinner tonight, apparently I'm also getting an external hard drive. Naturally, not for me... but for him. However, who cares. I love seeing my kid happy. Which btw, he is right this minute given ANOTHER touch down just occured.

Anyway... we were outside a bit ago, staring at the GREAT job he did in hanging our Xmas lights earlier today. As of three years ago, I never in my entire life, had Xmas lights outside my house. Boom. My son, out of the clear blue sky, then decided one Thanksgiving, he's beginning a whole new tradition. BINGO. HE'S HANGING A BUNCH OF LIGHTS. He does a damn good job, too, I must say. Both of us btw, want to shoot the people across the street, since every year they seem to up the ante by going all out with THEIR lights. You have no idea. Today they added a whole new deal with these two beautiful huge lit potted plants on the sides of the front door. AND they even string lights all up the walkway to the front door. SO NOT FAIR.

Oh yeah... we also had to make a stop this weekend at Piggy's... our favorite ice cream hang out. Since when does he love mint chocolate chip, anyway?? I couldn't even eat my own sundae damnit... was still too full from Thanksgiving dinner AND the lunch that we had yesterday at my favorite sandwich shop. 

OMG... THEY JUST SCORED AGAIN. Don't ask what's doing with the cheering that's going on in the family room. Even I had to go check it out.  

In the meantime, I am just so thankful for soooo many things but I'd have to say... at the top of my list is my kid. I'd kill to have him living back home once again but a.) he'd throw up at the idea and b.) I'd have to stock all 17 of his favorite salad dressings in my refrigerator once again. So not going to happen.

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