Sunday, November 18, 2012


Well... this was a pretty spiffy week, if you ask me, which included, amongst other things... my TV debut with my plastic surgeon. I SO can't wait until 12/20 when my brief... but should have been WAY longer... segment will air on our local TV station. The entire deal was amazing. In fact, when I first walked into the station itself, I walked up to the receptionist and said: HI. I'M THE BRAND NEW ANCHORWOMAN. WHERE SHALL I REPORT?? To which of course the lady laughed with a smile saying basically: YEAH, RIGHT. The entire incident made ME laugh right out loud.

I got a major tour of the station, saw lots the TV personalities in a briefing room of sorts and then naturally began to panic that I'd forget all the things I needed to say on air. Oh yeah...due to technical difficulties, literally, we had to tape the segment twice; but that merely helped to ease my nerves so actually... it was to my major benefit.

In the meantime, I've also had company the past few days this week and had a great time. We celebrated their 65th birthday and we did it in style, alright. We even got to see LINCOLN which was sorta new given I can't even REMEMBER the last time I got out of a movie at midnight. Talk about feeling like you're in your 20s once again! However....

The real star of our celebration was probably last night. No wonder. We went to see THE KING. Kind of anyway. We went to a cover concert of Elvis Presley and do I even need to TELL you what a fabulous time I had? Holy Baholy. Probably my ALLTIME FAVORITE rock and roll, ever. There's a picture of the singing star of the night up above, at the beginning of this entry. Nice, right?? 

The guy who did the concert was not trying to BE Elvis. He was merely SINGING Elvis. And boy did HE ever do an astounding job! The theater was going nuts with delight. His voice was spectacular and the band was INcredible! All within like what?? 30 feet in front of me, maybe?? Oh man... talk about being in sheer heaven. Having front row center seats didn't hurt, either. It was kinda like a theater in the almost round, but I did get to stare at the stunning guy singing throughout the entire show.

When first we sat down, I noted right off the bat, a BEAUTIFUL woman, about 40 maybe... sitting in the first seat of the front row to my right... and pegged her as the girlfriend of the pretend Elvis. Man. WHAT a couple they made. 

I thought I would DIE when he pulled her up to the mike to sing DON'T as she stared into his eyes and glowed in his words. I would have too. Now THERE is a song that I'd kill to have the love of my life sing to me. And... when he sang AMAZING GRACE I thought I HAD died and gone to heaven. SUSPICIOUS MINDS, BURNING LOVE and I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU also threw me straight up to the stars. LOVE ME put me right up in the stratosphere altogether.   

Anyway, I just can't begin to tell you how out of my mind I was during this entire performance. It was nothing short of magnificent. And mind you, I HAVE seen Elvis live, when he was at the Hollywood Sportatorium back in the 70's. I was just so happy spending the evening hearing some of my very very favorite music. 

Okay... so the guy sang his heart out and ended the show about two hours later. I wished I could tell you what song he ended with, but I simply can't. With good reason, too. Because... get THIS:

By the time the last song came around, the crowd was pretty much rocking. Including me, for sure. THEN... out of the clear blue sky... I look up and WHOA NELLIE. Right before me is the GIRLFRIEND! The singer's girlfriend!! And what does she do, but, whammo... PULL ME RIGHT SMACK INTO THE CENTER OF THE DANCE FLOOR WHERE SHE IMMEDIATELY BEGINS DANCING WITH ME ALL OVER THE PLACE. I'm telling you... I almost could have switched teams RIGHT THEN AND THERE. Well, not really, but she WAS hot. All I could think was: 


It was crazzzzy. She and I were having the time of our lives. Needless to say... the first thing I ask her above the loud music is: HOW LONG YOU TWO BEEN THIS MADLY IN LOVE??? She tells me: four years!! Has GOT to be the best f'ing four years of her LIFE. And... she was a GREAT dance partner, too, btw. Can you IMAGINE?? Which reminds me...

This is the second time in about a year that some stranger and/or actor has come and pulled me right onto the dance floor with them. The other time was when I went to see THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY and the Big Bopper grabbed my hand and HE TOO started dancing all over the aisle with me.

So I'm sorta thinking there's a lesson in all this. First... go listen to some fanTAStic rock and roll. Second... get front row seats, I guess. THEN...sit back and wait. Who knows? Maybe YOU too will rock your ass off while you're dancing all around the room to some of the best music EVER.

Better yet... go with ME. We could BOTH be singing and dancing to our hearts' content. Now... THAT'S what I call living!

FOOTNOTE: For you know who. Just LISTEN to the quality of his clear, deep, OH SO S E X Y voice on this soundtrack. Kill me now.

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