Sunday, November 11, 2012


So as I've mentioned before I've pretty much declared Sunday as the day I head out to the grocery store. Maybe Saturday, but not normally. Anyway, it is still becoming a real eye opener for me.

Case in point: had Bonnie ever come home telling me they no longer carry caffeine free Diet Coke I would NEVER in a million years have believed her. It's like IMPOSSIBLE that such a product is no longer to be found in this particular store. But, sure enough... THAT'S WHAT'S HAPPENED. For three weeks straight now, I've marched myself to the Diet Coke aisle and holy baholy... IT'S NO LONGER BEING STOCKED. WTF??

I can't even believe it. To ME that's like saying: SORRY. WE'RE NO LONG CARRYING PAPER TOWELS. What can these people possibly be thinking?? And, to find out... you can be SURE I've spoken to every Ass't. Manager, Manager, stock people, cashier, etc. in the store. Yada yada yada. They all give me some song and dance, but the bottom line is: no more caffeine free Diet Coke. It's gone forever I guess.

Which is pretty disturbing news, if you ask me. I have been a COKE fan for the past 40 years. I snorted it once in my life in fact, in my early 20s maybe, but gave that up lickety split. On the other hand, I do love to drink it. Diet Coke has been my chemical of choice and about 5 years ago I became a devoted fan of the CAFFEINE FREE Diet Coke. Now, they are FORCING me to switch teams and move on over to Diet Pepsi. Thank God I still get THAT sans caffeine.

Granted I COULD go to some other grocery store and get the Diet Coke but what a hassle that would be. It's enough I even get to my closest grocer as is. Drive an extra 9 minutes out of my way?? So not happening. Besides...

How else could I have possibly seen the guy in the parking lot who could barely stand, walking with his walker VERY SLOWLY and hop right smack into his way beat up crappy looking truck... TO DRIVE OFF!! I couldn't believe my eyes. This old geezer can hardly walk, but he's able to operate a moving vehicle?? Almost borders on Al Pacino, playing the blind guy driving the Ferrari in Scent of a Woman. But whatever.

On the other hand, I WAS able to discover that this store sells lobster tails and some great looking prime rib roasts which I'll need for my out of town company next weekend. Who knew?? I'd definitely trade in the caffeine free for THOSE goodies in a heart beat.

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