Saturday, November 10, 2012


I so love poetic justice. Kinda like: getting what one deserves. Which is funny, now that I think about it... given that just within the past couple of months, I have actually had a situation whereby this entire concept came into play perfectly for me. 

Unfortunately, I had a little personal soap opera going on for a while but lo and behold... what'd ya know. I not only came out of all the crapola, but came out on top too! Yippee. Thus I pretty much feel totally vindicated and happy that once again, poetic justice shone down upon me. Trust me... doesn't happen often enough, if you ask me 

In the meantime, forget about poetic justice. Tonight I'm talking it's counterpart, so to speak. As in: just desserts. LITERALLY. Because get this. I'm soon headed out to possibly my alltime favorite kind of party... DESSERTS ONLY!

Oh man... already my mouth is salivating just trying to imagine what will be on the serving tables. I can almost promise you that I will bypass the puny little vanilla cookies, should there be any, and move right smack over to the decadent chocolate cakes and brownies. And, cheesecake and lemon pie. And, God only knows what else. Mentally I'm almost daring the hostess to serve me something that will knock my freakin' socks right off.

I'm thinking that I'm supposed to have actually eaten dinner first, before I show up at this party. But sorry Charlie. The desserts are damn well going to BE my dinner. Kinda like: key lime pie can be my salad. Chocolate layer cake with butter cream icing can be my entree and oh, I don't know... maybe chocolate covered date nut squares can my veggie?? THEN for dessert... I should only BE so lucky as to find cherry cheesecake! A huge, way oversized, fancy schmancy cup cake perhaps??

I know... I know. The best part of the party SHOULD be enjoying all the other couple dozen guests and mingling and chit chatting with them. All of which I will in fact be doing... but for ME?? The main draw is definitely going to be: just the desserts. Now... if they happen to serve champagne along side all this?? WHOA. A NIGHT IN SHEER HEAVEN.

Indeed, I will miss the host and hostess who are returning to Florida for the winter. And, I'll be really thrilled when they return once again next Spring. But... for NOW?? All I can say is THANK YOU LINDA AND PERRY for this absolutely wonderful Good Bye Evening. Maybe upon your return you can consider a LobsterFest?? Now THAT would be sweet.

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