Monday, November 26, 2012


Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's great having your kid home. It's ALWAYS excellent seeing him again. 

Yet even better, he helps to get alot of things done that I alone can't necessarily do. But man... what was REALLY great was the solid for me the other day.

Turns out I was able to upgrade my phone for a mere few hundred dollars instead of many hundreds, given my contract was up for renewal. And, I wanted to get a phone that had superb battery life. Since my kid is an Apple guy through and through, he of course always wants me to do an iPhone. But I tried that once. Bingo. I had to return it like two weeks later given the Android's screen was much bigger. My eyesight has a problem, so my son was happy to help me figure out which NEW phone I should get. Trust me, we checked out a slew of them. 

After uh... about three hours in the Verizon store, I walked out a happy woman. I LOVE MY NEW PHONE. Seriously. It's a 4G Droid Razr Maxx HD and I'm so  telling you... I could almost swear it's faster than my desktop. It's soooo great. I'm like on cloud nine over this deal. And major in love. Best of all, the battery life is unbelievable!

Plus... I can't beLIEVE how patient my son was in the phone store, either. I mean.... waiting for the waitress to bring our drinks? He could go nuts. But hanging with the phone guy? Hell, take your time. No need to rush. 

In the meantime, my kid did all the finagling for me and even stood with the guy the entire time the phone was being all set up. I myself was major antsy so I went outside to take a break during the hours we spent there. Hmmmm.... about four breaks, if you really want to know. I basically said: HERE'S MY CREDIT CARD. JUST GET IT DONE, PLEASE. I'M GOING OUTSIDE. THANKS!

Bingo. He obeyed me. By the time I walked back in from my last break, yippee. My phone was ready to roll. I in turn was ready to play and begin downloading all the apps I can't live without. Like Huffington Post, Checkers, QVC, Fat Booth, HBO GO, etc. etc. I am telling you... the downloads took mere SECONDS. I was totally stunned. AND... THE SCREEN?? OMG... the HD is amazingly fantastic. Check out the picture I took with it while in the store! Not bad, right?? AND... GET THIS.

No sooner had we installed Skype than OMG... my nephew from Australia called us! WE SKYPED IN PICTURE PERFECT HD on this phone and none of us could get over it. The two boys grew up as close as brothers so they were both happy as little larks. I was thrilled for them AND for me. No wonder. I NOW HAVE MIRACLE PHONE.

So if I were you, talk to Santa. Beg him to please drop this phone down your chimney ASAP. You'll never regret it. Then of course... once he does... HEY, THIS IS CRAZY. BUT HERE'S MY NUMBER. SO CALL ME MAYBE.

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