Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Man. Either I'm too damn popular or I've got too many friends or I make way too many social plans or I just jam my calendar with far too many damn things. It's becoming crazy and frankly, and I don't see much end in sight. Unless that is, I just say F*** IT. I'M BECOMING A HERMIT.

Which I very well might do. As I walked in the door tonight from an hour and a half of intense socializing at an Open House, I decided: I'm just way too overwhelmed with all this socializing. I need a break. Or a vacation. Or SOMEthing. Which is when I figured I would back up a minute... like since a week ago, let's say... and I'd retrace exactly what's been keeping me on such overload lately.

It kinda boiled down to this: Last Tuesday: eye doctor, lunch with friends and an evening Board Meeting. Last Wednesday: eye doctor and dinner with friends. Last Thursday: core training class, manicure, and fielding zillions of phone calls all night long. Last Friday: eye doctor again, errands and then evening services. Last Saturday: sleep in LATE and then movies and dinner that night. Last Sunday: brunch with four others at the country club and come home and do all sorts of chores around the house. Last Monday: errands, Canasta and Chinese dinner with friends. Today, the ever popular eye doctor, errand and then the ever popular early evening Open House bit tonight.

Now I know that doesn't sound like alot and I KNOW I did way more running around when I was busy raising my family, but NOW? At THIS age? I'm telling you... I'm worn friggin' OUT. And basically... this wasn't all that much of a crammed week, either! Regardless, I just came home tonight and said: THAT'S IT. I'M BOWING OUT OF THE WINE TASTING PARTY TOMORROW NIGHT. I QUIT. MY SOCIALIZING IS OVER. Well, for a while anyway. 

Especially since tomorrow I've already got to hit the eye doctor, meet Betsy for lunch and then make a 3:00 appointment with my attorney. I'm telling you. I NEED A VACATION. Which is so ironic since I like have the most hum drum life you ever saw, to begin with. Honestly, I am a perfect poster girl for those who do so LITTLE. Is this the craziest thing or what?

Then, I'm thinking: Whoa. Wait. I've got a concert downtown on Saturday night, 6 people coming for dinner next Wednesday night, two fancy schmancy birthday luncheons in like a week maybe, a couple of major party invitations already for October and then of course, Thanksgiving. Not to mention, my regular card game, exercise class, etc. etc. Hence: what's up with all this socializing I do?? I feel like Susan Powter: STOP THE MADNESS. Oh yeah... I need to factor in the fact Bonnie's not even here for a long while.

But what REALLY gets me is the fact almost everyone I know does TWICE what I do in a day. Their calendars are FILLED with stuff. Really MEANINGFUL stuff too. Me? I do crap. Them? They actually ACCOMPLISH sh*t! In ADDITION to all the socializing, no less. Talk about having A personalities. I apparently am much more into the N personality. As in: nonsense.

Yeah... I know, I know. Busy hands are happy hands and I really shouldn't complain at all. I should be happy that I have a wonderful life, with plenty to do and plenty of friends with whom to do it. On the other hand, if I DON'T get some down time soon, how can I possibly find time to relish in my delight by sitting and watching Mitt absolutely screw up his very own campaign royally. For THAT? Man, I could book hour after hour, easily. Seriously... I'm SO getting off on his f*** ups.

Which definitely feeds into my desire to become a HERMITT. Boom. I can kill two birds with one stone. 

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