Sunday, September 16, 2012


So what can I say? I had a great moment last night and I must admit, I'm tickled pink about it, too. This was just unbelievable. Get this...

Turns out I was in my favorite movie theater here in town. It's an independent theater without seating like in regular ones. Instead, the entire place is dimly lit, totally filled with small round dining tables and two really nice chairs with casters that can lean back a little if you want, and it's like a cozy little restaurant let's say. Two to a table. Thus you make friends with everyone seated all around you plus you get the feeling while being there that everyone else is also happy and friendly and of course, equally psyched for a great movie. Which last night, btw, was ARBITRAGE with Richard Geer. Talk about being sweet on the eyes. I'm so telling you... don't miss this film!

Anyway, there we were seated at our table, chit chatting, having fun while I was major busy gobbling down my excellent pop corn and diet coke. This lady in front of us was enjoying a chicken salad sandwich and the people to our left were enjoying cheeseburgers. So I just happened to ask the lady in front of me... very attractive, well groomed, a couple years older than myself, lovely makeup and hair, etc. etc... what she was eating and next thing you know we were in a happy conversation. No wonder. She apparently took a major shine to me!

She began with asking me where I live. I told her I'm from Miami but have lived here permanently for the past ten years to which she replied: "I KNEW you weren't some run of the mill country girl! I took one look at you and could tell you're a REAL fashionista!" WHOA. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? IS THIS LADY ASTUTE OR WHAT? Like how great is it that your date gets to hear a total stranger rave about you? Seriously. Plus whether or not this lady was a complete liar made no difference whatsoever to me... I was in sheer delight over this woman's comments. Which is why naturally, I fell in love with her immediately.

She began asking me where I shopped, etc. which was kind of surprising since I was basically wearing nothing more than a regular end of summer outfit. As in: black lace leggings, a black soft fabric-ed asymmetrical long tunic top with a scarf styled hem and black soft satin like flats. Which makes me think: it must have been the six inch Camellia Flower pin I was also wearing. But matters not. All I know is that after her rave reviews, the next thing to come out my mouth was: OH YEAH... YOU'LL LOVE THIS. TWO AND A HALF WEEKS AGO, I HAD A FACE LIFT!!

She then went wild with THAT news. I told her all about it and she was just so thrilled hearing me lay it all out. I finished it off with... YEAH, NOW I CAN ENJOY MY 65TH BIRTHDAY NEXT MAY FEELING PRETTY DAMN HAPPY, TOO.  Don't ask. That's all she had to hear. I thought I'd have to pick my new best friend up from the floor. WHAT?? 65?? YOU CAN'T BE!! I WOULD HAVE EASILY PEGGED YOU FOR NO MORE THAN YOUR MID 40s!!

Which of course is the exact moment I decided: OMG. IT WORKED! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I DO IN FACT LOOK BETTER!! Let alone younger. Which btw, is ALSO a great thing for your date to hear. Regardless, I think I better mark the calendar with yesterday's date since THAT is the first time since my surgery that an out and out stranger was basically fooled. I can't WAIT to tell my plastic surgeon! Since basically, I look at this like it was two party operation.

I supply the crappy ass hanging skin face and he supplies the perfect surgical procedure. All in all... a major match made in heaven. YIPPEE. IT WORKED.  

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  1. great story Linda and u really do look so much younger from the pics I've seen! hope ur eye gets better quickly! no one would ever describe me as a fashionista as I tend to wear jeans and flipflops a lot..more power to u!


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