Saturday, September 1, 2012


Aren't these flowers BEAUTIFUL??? I swear... I love looking at them all day long. The colors are just STUNNING. Apparently this is the upside to not only having surgery, but also having really great friends.

I can't figure out which of these are my favorite but it matters not. They're all magnificent. Oh yeah... I was also given a potted plant of Mums; but they have yet to fully bloom. However, once they do... they too will be stunners. Actually, I would LOVE to plant the Mums in the ground so I can enjoy them every year, but according to the doctor, I'm not allowed to bend down, so hmmmm. That's a problem. But maybe I'll cheat and do it in a couple of weeks. 

In the meantime, I don't normally have a green thumb, I'm sorry to say. Which is why I fill my house with basically "care free" plants. I'm heavy into putting plants in a pot... watering them every week or so... and then: DO NOTHING. Kinda like letting Mother Nature do the rest. Man... how lazy can one person get?? On the other hand, during the Spring and Summer I WILL put effort into my gorgeous Hydrangeas which are planted in several places around my front yard.

THOSE I definitely try to take care of since they absolutely knock my socks off once the flowers start popping out. For them, I even go all out and feed them plant food. Trust me... that's a huge step for me. But they're SO worth it. I have maybe seven different colored Hydrangea bushes all planted in strategic areas and every time I look outside I'm in heaven watching them grow. The BIG payoff of course is when I get to cut the blossoms to fill my vases and place them in every room of my house. Oh man... so outta this world.

In any case... for now... I'm loving all the flowers I've recently received as gifts. I'm also loving watching the bruising on my face gradually disappear. For as the color of my face fades, the colors of the flowers are exploding. Talk about it's a beautiful life!

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