Thursday, September 27, 2012


I swear to God... I woke up Tuesday morning feeling as if I had just performed fellatio for like two hours and therefore MY JAW WAS IN MAJOR PAIN. I know... crazy ass description but it's TRUE. I couldn't believe it. Nor could I figure out why the hell I was hurting so much! Nor what could have caused it especially since I can't imagine giving ANYone oral for two hours straight.

But I had to explain the pain SOMEhow. Which is exactly how I did it when I got to my surgeon's office. He of course was outta control laughing when I told him what it felt like, but we DID have to come up with not only an explanation, but certainly a solution, as well. This was just the best way I could explain the feeling. I mean it... I couldn't even open my mouth enough so I could even eat. And trust me, I was hungry. So basically, after the doctor stopped laughing, he sort of got the picture of my pain situation. 

Anyway, we had to first rule out that it could have been caused from my surgery so that I could then run to my dentist if need be, and figure out if this was then a dental problem. Basically, the surgeon luckily ruled out any complication from his end, although to be on the safe side, he did prescribe some antibiotics and pain killers. Which by the way, did help, but only minutely. Therefore my next call was going to be to my dentist.

However a miracle happened. I had a bunch of people over for dinner last night and naturally, I had to tell them of my newest ailment. Then out of the blue, someone came up with the idea that lately I've been under alot of stress... thus maybe I was grinding my teeth at night which of course would then exacerbate any TMJ which I've certainly experienced before.

Bingo. I decided they were on to something. SOOO... to kinda relax myself while asleep last night, I decided to take an Ativan at bedtime. GUESS WHAT?? I woke up this morning and YIPPEE I could eat again! No more lockjaw!! It was gone as quickly as it occurred. I can not TELL you how happy I was to be able to actually open my mouth once again! This was sheer genius on the part of my guest's diagnosis!

I even tested the recovery this morning by trying to eat a bagel and was THRILLED I could! Didn't even have to take baby bites, either. My mouth actually worked again! Man... talk about thanking God for small favors.

On the other hand, I can promise you I STILL won't do oral for two hours. Locked jaw or not. And, btw... I recommend you don't either. There is NO way your jaw will feel good afterwards. HE might love it but you won't.

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