Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Well, that didn't take long. After having gone on and on last night about needing a vacation... boom. Next thing you know, I think I'm actually going on one! I think, anyway. Whoa. Timing IS everything, I see.

So... as it happens, I got email last night from a friend of mine, asking if I wanted to make definite plans about going on a trip to the New England area in early November. As in: Boston, Nantucket and my beloved Newport which I'm DYING to see, given my sheer adoration of the homes... ahem... I mean mansions... of the Gilded Age that are located there. Maybe even a little of D.C and NYC thrown in, too. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? COULD THIS BE JUST THE FIX I'VE NEEDED??

Wow. Maybe it is. And... the more I heard about this itinerary, the more excited I sorta became. I can't even believe it... I'LL ACTUALLY GET TO SEE NEWPORT. I'll also be freezing my f***ing ass off of course, but what the hell. I'm thinking this could almost be FUN. Although I DID warn this friend that I could EASILY drive them totally nuts within mere hours, by way of my zillions of anxieties alone... but they were willing to take the risk. So what the hell. They've been duly forewarned is my theory.

In the meantime, we're pretty much going to be taking off just after the election. Which could put a wrinkle into my every four year annual election night dinner that I love hosting, but whatever. For now... I'll pretend I have no worries whatsoever. We've already got plans for a Pre-Thanksgiving celebration with their family and plans to make sure I get to eat lobster three times a day, every day. My mouth is watering PLENTY.

All I am supposed to be planning... for the moment, anyway... is the musical hours and hours they want ready to go so we can sing our way through like what? Five states?? While feeling a bit buzzed too, I might add. Always an added bonus, if you ask me. Supposedly we're to pretend we're in our 20s all over again.

Although even with my new "look" I can't really pull that off but who's counting. I'm calling this trip my GILDED AGE ROAD TRIP. With a bunch of Rock thrown in, I guess. I can't wait to sing every word to every song through every town we pass. Of course it should probably be called my GOLDEN AGE ROAD TRIP since as you know... I'm this far from becoming an out and out senior citizen. But I'll worry about all that next May.

For now... I'm just worrying about what to pack for this little jaunt. Geez... I'll need sweaters, warm jackets AND my heavy winter coat. Plus, not only walking shoes but my high and low boots, too. Not to mention all the other paraphernalia of hair products and meds. Man... it could take me WEEKS to pack. But, fear not. I'm up for the challenge. And for the fun.

I just need now to figure out exactly where all the bathroom pit stops are located and THAT my friend could be the biggest challenge of all.   

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  1. glad ur going on the trip u will have a GREAT time!


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