Thursday, September 6, 2012


I swear to God... this is the most amazing thing I've ever done. And... I've done quite a few in my time, I'm happy to say. But THIS? Oh my God. I'm thinking of now joining a college sorority. 

Why not?? Today is Day Nine and the transformation has been reMARKable. I can't even believe it. And, I can not TELL you how thrilled I am. Well, I was that is, until I got to the doctor's office today to have my stitches removed.

Get this... I just happened to nonchalantly ask him: Uh... like exactly how much WAS removed from my neck? His answer?? ABOUT A POUND OF FAT!!! Holy Shit. I THOUGHT I WOULD THROW UP RIGHT THEN AND THERE. Are you fucking kidding me???? I was simply flabbergasted. See? I KNEW it was time to do something about my neck!!! Man o man... is that the craziest ass thing or what? Anyway, the Man of All Miracles said that everything went like clockwork and YIPPPEE. I CAN NOW SLEEP IN MY BED ONCE AGAIN! HalleluJAH.

Anyway... that shot up above was taken just before I left for my doctor's visit. There was absolutely no pain in having the baby bandages and stitches removed and I can now wash my face with soap and water and I can have a haircut and I can stop taking the bruising pills and I can even begin wearing makeup again. Of course I first have to FIND my eyelashes once again but the the doctor told me they ARE there. I have to go back in six weeks and THEN he'll do the real before and after pictures so we can both ooh and ahh. Seriously... every major penny I spent on this facelist was SO worth it. The bruising and swelling will continue to subside and then WHAMMO. My job here is done.

For now, I just have to thank EVERYONE who has been such a great help and/or such wonderful encouragement for me. Your love and good wishes have meant SO very much. And yes... I know... it's time I shut up about this entire deal and move onto something else. And believe me, I'll try. I really will.

BUT... my astonishment at the total improvement just so freakin' knocks my socks off. Thus I can make no promises. I CAN'T HELP IT. I'm way too high in seventh heaven for God sakes. Which reminds me... Thank You God for letting all of this go down without a single hitch! Amen. 

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