Wednesday, September 26, 2012


What can I tell you... a month ago today I had my face done and here we are 30 days later WITH NO CRAPOLA NECK AND NO POUCHES ABOVE OR BENEATH MY EYES.

It's incredible. I was thinking earlier about those folks who have been kind enough to tell me I look 15 years younger.... I need to tell them... I think maybe I look BETTER than I did 15 years ago! I swear. It's crazy.

There's pretty much nothing more I can possibly add to what I've already posted about this entire experience but suffice it to say... I SO WISHED my Mother were still here so she could see this. It would be SO up her alley.

She had a facelift when she was but 50... 14 years younger than when I did it.... and she was a beautiful woman still, when she passed away at age 84. So according to my calculations, when I kick the bucket, no matter how old I may or may not be... I'll be pretty damn decent looking no matter what.

Until then... yippee... mission accomplished. So many thanks to all of you who were such wonderful friends to me during this entire deal. What a blessing. I thank you and my Mother thanks you. Man... I miss her every day. 

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