Friday, September 14, 2012


... ME!! Oh man... I am so in love with this. Click on this link  and you TOO can hear this fabulous tune. Plus, turns out it's a perfect song just for me.

I can't even believe it... I heard this song and went absolutely wild. You have just GOT to hear it and then you tell me if it doesn't make you also, jump up right smack out of your seat, having you dancing all over the place lickety split. For me? This song totally rocks.

I heard it the first time tonight and immediately I knew, for zillions of reasons, that this song had my name written all over it. This is not the official video, but that's on YouTube also, if you want to go search it out. I just figured I'd do you all a favor and post the one that had the lyrics already front and center.

Which by the way, are fantastic. I mean... all I had to do was hear the opening line and boom. They had me right off the bat. From there on in, I fell for the music, the rest of the lyrics, the incredible sound and definitely the great rhythm in a heartbeat. In fact, as a tribute to Dick Clark, let me just say... I'LL GIVE IT A TEN.

I love when I hear music that gets me in my gut and/or heart within moments. Kinda like: Roger Waters' MOTHER let's say. Took me all of 32 seconds and I was sucked right smack into THAT song, too. And just like Cupid's arrow... whamo. This song tonight struck me in a flash. I can only hope it will strike you too. If not... then, ummm... I'd almost have to think maybe you're not completely living in our current musical world. In which case, what can I say? You're just not on my same rock wave length.

Which is sorta too bad since my personal rock wave length IS pretty fine tuned. Case in point: Janis Ian... a minus four. THIS song? A plus 20. And oh yeah... for those of you who, God forbid, HAVEN'T heard Roger Waters... here you go. Suggestion, btw: Get stoned first.    

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