Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Shameful. Simply shameful.

I know... my title is a bit harsh and kinda overstated, but honest to God... how these U.S. Senators can sleep tonight is beyond me. The Representatives are no better, btw... but for now... it's the Senators of whom I am just so ashamed. HOW DARE THEY not pass stricter background checks for those whose who purchase guns! I could shoot the whole lot of them, damnit. Well, if I were into guns, that is. They so deserve it though.

In the meantime, are they out of their MINDS?? There's a problem for them assuring mental idiots or those with major arrest records don't have access to assault weapons?? Let alone hand guns?? I am just speechless. It also KILLS me that with the Democrats being in the majority WE STILL couldn't pass this very important bill. What?? All of a sudden it's a BAD thing to protect others by checking the backgrounds of those who have no business owning guns?? I am simply flabbergasted. And pretty much devastated.

I could go on and on ranting and raving about how pathetic U.S. Congressmen appear to be. They should ALL be kicked out on their asses and let me and all my friends run this country! Jesus... we could whip common sense back into legislating law in NO time! And save zillion of dollars too. 

YOU'RE GAY AND WANT TO GET MARRIED? Go the fuck ahead. What the hell do we care? Love and be happy. Boom. Done. YOU WANT TO BUY A GUN?? Fine... but first we have a little background check we want to do to be sure YOU'RE STABLE AND RESPONSIBLE. Fine. Done. But nooooooooooooo... this is way too out of the box for our elected politicians. YOU WANT TO BUY POT AND STAYED STONED OUT OF YOUR GOURD ALL F'ING DAY LONG? Sure. Go ahead. Of course, you'll never pass a drug test for a really decent job, but hey. Do whatever the hell you want. Bingo. Done.

Oh yeah.... and when all my friends and I are finally in charge of Congress and YOU'RE A LOBBYIST?? Easy. We'll simply say: Get the hell out of my office NOW. People elected me to legislate for the common good and welfare of all citizens. YOUR BRIBERY IS NOT NEEDED NOR WANTED. Drug lobbyists, gun lobbyists, insurance lobbyists, BANKING LOBBYISTS... they're ALL disgraceful in my book. STOP BRIBING MY CONGRESS TO HELP YOU MAKE EVEN MORE MILLIONS, FOR GOD SAKES. I hate the whole lot of you.

Yeah. Yeah. As you can see, I'm pretty peeved tonight. I hate the fact I live in a country that is going down the toilet faster than any decent civilization I can think of. People can't find work. People can't get medical care. People can't even get an education. People can't feed themselves nutritionally. BUT CONGRESS AND LOBBYISTS?? Oh man. THEY are living high on the hog and laughing all the way to the bank. Uh... right before they stop in at Wall Street that is. I'm pissed and I don't want to take it anymore!

Where are the ethics of these people?? Where is the decency in them? WHERE THE FUCK IS THEIR COMMITMENT TO MAKING THE UNITED STATES THE SAFEST, STRONGEST, FAIREST, HEALTHIEST, BEST EDUCATED PEOPLE ON THE PLANET EARTH?? Not to mention the most financially secure county in the world? Jesus. I am just so alarmed at the direction our country has been going for YEARS now. And basically you should be, as well.

I am just SO DAMN THANKFUL I have only about 20 years left to go in this criminal and crooked society we now find in Washington D.C. By then, I should be kicking the bucket and all I know is: GOOD F-ING LUCK TO MY KID AND HIS ENTIRE GENERATION. They so are being cheated out of innocence, decency and a protected quality of life. And replaced with WHAT?? Greed? Terror? Global Warming? GUNS IN EVERY CLASSROOM???? OMG. Forget about shooting Congress. SHOOT ME instead.  

And btw... as for bringing God into the whole fray of all our legislative process??? Oh please. DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED. I want to spit on the guy who suggested the RELIGION BILL making Christianity the official religion of our country. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? So much for the first amendment alright. Have they not HEARD of freedom of religion? As in: why our country was even founded it the FIRST PLACE?

When I'll calm down from all this... I have no clue. Just be sure that YOU VOTE EVERY IDIOT OUT OF OFFICE that you possibly can. And uh... if you're smart... elect ME. I'll bring in a SLEW of intelligent, educated, fair, responsible, clear thinking friends in a heartbeat. The only Tea Party WE'LL be thinking about is: the kind of tea that you... uh... don't even have to brew... if you catch my drift. Talk about Making Peace, Not War.    

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