Friday, April 26, 2013


Oh man... I feel so badly you can't be sleeping at my house right now. Let alone in my bedroom. Why?? Because when I woke up today... I did the same thing I immediately do every morning when I get out of bed. I opened my bedroom door that leads to my outside deck. And today, as SOON as I opened it, having already heard the chirping birds next to my bedside window, I had just one thought in my mind: I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW LUCKY I AM TO BE WAKING UP TO THIS EVERY DAY. IT'S TOTALLY STUNNING. And it's true. My view is just so glorious. And so very beautiful. It is simply remarkable to me that I am able to begin my day this way. 

So what is this fantastic view that has me so enthralled? Well, remember the Spring flowers I planted all over my deck about 6 weeks ago?? Guess what? THEY'RE ALL NOW SO HUGE AND SO STUNNING it takes my breath away. It's like the rain this month has had some magic water in it or something. I've never SEEN my flowers grow so bold and so colorful and so HUGE. I'm telling you... it's just a shame you can't be here to see this each morning. Or afternoon. Or even at dusk. Of course tonight there ARE frost warnings given the overnight temps will be in the low 30s, but my plants will make it just fine, I am sure. In the meantime....

I just HAVE to post some pictures here for you to check out. You won't believe it. You can see them down below. And... oh yeah. As if it wasn't enough to begin my day with such glory, you should have SEEN the full moon out tonight!! That too, took my breath away. It's huge, it's bright, it's nestled right smack in between my large trees and it's simply amazing. I ran for my camera when I got home tonight but trust me... the shots just don't do it justice. Regardless... I know. I got carried away with taking pictures of the flowers but whatever. I just couldn't help it. 

So what can I say? In the end, I get to start the day with nature's beauty. And I get to end the day with nature's beauty. Thus... seriously... how lucky am I!! Thank you God for all my blessings.

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