Friday, April 19, 2013


Whoa. WHAT A DAY. I swear to God... I feel like I'm watching a 24 hour movie and I can't believe it's NOT  a movie. Can you beLIEVE what's going on in Boston? Man oh man oh man. This guy is FRIED. Speaking of which, as we speak I'm hearing reports the boat is on fire which may or may not be true.

This was just the most incredible day for Bostonians. Not to mention for me. I never watch Cops and Robbers whether it be TV or film. But TODAY?? OMG... I've been GLUED to the television as I've been busy doing some hand sewing. I even had to cancel plans tonight since I am MESMERIZED by all these reports. I can't even explain it but boy am I ever hooked.

I am also STUNNED that within hours of the bomb explosions at the marathon boom. I see pictures not only identifying the suspects but ALSO have them named. WHOA. Talk about Johnny on the Spot for the law enforcement teams! Simply incredible. Which only goes to show... DON'T EVER DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL. The cops will have you in the slammer quicker than you can say: CAN I CALL MY LAWYER, PLEASE??

I love the way, btw, the parents of these two boys say: WHAT? MY KIDS?? ABSOLUTELY NO WAY. Sorry folks. Apparently you have no idea what your sons are REALLY into. Can you even imagine?? From what I've learned these two boys had such promise and bingo. They become terrorists and/or dead. I'm telling you... if I should ever see MY kid on TV for any reason other than he won the lottery, just go ahead and shoot me.

All I know is that 1.) poor Boston has been through hell this week and 2.) don't ever f*ck with the American law enforcement agencies. I totally love that we have such fantastic capabilities to track down the bad guys. I mean seriously.... out of nowhere they find pictures of the suspects (thank you Lord & Taylor) and then bingo they have their names, their address, their computers, their movement, etc. etc.

OMG!! HE'S ALIVE AND IN CUSTODY!! AM OFF TO WATCH TV!!! What an end to such a freakin' remarkable story!! 

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  1. Having visited Boston many times and loving it, I took this event very personally! I've even been in that particular Lord & Taylor! Just ordered my Boston Strong T-shirt to help the victims..Boston people are amazing and will bounce back!!


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