Sunday, April 14, 2013


It's apparent that since my total hysterectomy at the mere age of 39, my chances of ever being a REAL woman again are pretty much remote. Seriously. My hormones left me in 1986 and frankly it always made me feel privately sad since 1.) I knew that should I want, I'd never be able to have any more children and 2.) the female parts of my body began aging pretty damn quickly ever since.

I handled the inward emotional part of it pretty well however, and in fact have been pretty happy with having had just one child. What I haven't been so happy with was the fact that at age 44 I had to basically give up wearing high heels, a shoe that is basically so feminine and so ladylike. I could stand all day long back in those days wearing a slim three inch heel, I'll bet. I loved the ankle strap shoes best, btw. To slide a foot into a beautiful pair of heels, see the calves of a woman's foot so well defined and then tie the straps around a beautifully shaped ankle is simply stunning. And... back then I had both the calves and the ankles to show all this off.

Then boom. One night while walking into a restaurant, while wearing a pair of  wedged espadrilles, I stepped on a stone of sorts and bingo. HELLO BROKEN FOOT BONES. O.M. G. My ankle immediately twisted and I was in such pain it was unbelievable. I wound up going to the ER and then wearing a cast up to my knee for about six weeks and it was totally crazy. It was also the last time I was able to wear high heels.

Until Friday that is. Turns out that I went to COSTCO... major superior to SAM'S, btw. Normally all I ever get to go to is Sam's because that's the only huge warehouse store here in my town. COSTCO on the other hand is about 45 minutes away and I'm way too lazy to usually make that trip. However... I got a call from a friend... said let's do Costco... so I and a couple of others agreed... and the four of us headed out. Man what a treat. Hands down, Costco is far and away head's above Sam's and although I hadn't been there in YEARS, it didn't disappoint. 

Case in point: No sooner had I walked in the store... boom. I saw a display for One Sole Shoes. What a way to greet me, if you must know. Fantastic shoes display? Bingo. I'm there. If you don't know what these are... it's a company that makes about a dozen different designs of shoe soles and about a zillion designs of stretchy, comfy straps that snap across the top of the foot to basically give a hundred different looks. You have to go on a trip? Easy. Pack one sole and a bunch of different straps and whammo. You have 6 different looks for the entire trip. Totally up my alley.

So... Annie was the sales person at this display and immediately I made her my best friend. She started handing me all different types of soles that I could choose from and after making my selection of two styles, I let the party begin. I began choosing my straps. OMG. It was fantastic. But what was REALLY fantastic was the kinda high heeled style I tried on. That's a picture of it, up above. I WAS IN SHEER HEAVEN.

For some reason this particular high heel was A PERFECT HEIGHT FOR ME and immediately I began walking all around the area to make sure I was 1.) plenty steady on my feet and 2.) not dreaming. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I CAN ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE A REAL WOMAN ONCE AGAIN?? ABLE TO WEAR SOMETHING WITH A SORTA SHAPED HEEL?? Oh man... this was a major high for me. Now don't get me wrong.. these casual shoes are far from what a real classy high heel looks like... but regardless, it IS about a 3 inch heel and I COULD walk on them like a pro. IT WAS SIMPLY WONDERFUL. I told the lady I'm never taking them off. And actually... I basically haven't.

In addition to this particular sole, I also got one more style. Much more casual looking in fact, but also about an inch lower, too. Between the two items... my summer shoe shopping is DONE. Wait... YOU want to go shopping, too? Here... Check this out online. You'll love it! Plus you'll get the entire idea way better than I can explain it. Not to mention all the tops you'll get to see in all sorts of categories. All I know is that ever since I made this purchase on Friday at about 1 o'clock, I've worn these shoes all Friday, Saturday and now Sunday. Oh yeah... everyone can't get over how TALL I now am, btw. Always a bonus.

So in a little while I'm off to a concert and need you even ASK what shoe I'm wearing as we speak?? Better you should ask WHAT STRAP? Which I'm happy to show you down below. Of course for tonight... could be a whole different look altogether.


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  1. Never heard of these but what a great idea! I'll def be checking these out!!


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