Friday, April 26, 2013


OMG... just three weeks from now and bingo. I'll officially be old. Well, according to this latest card I got in the mail, anyway. I have to tell you... when I opened the envelope, I was THRILLED I could now get free membership at the gym although I don't know yet where I'll be able to fit yet MORE exercise into my basically lazy life. True... I do yoga every night and I go to core training each week but NOW... oh man, the powers that be apparently want me to become MAJOR fit. Not necessarily up my alley, but okay. I get it. I realize that reaching 65 IS a major milestone and basically, I am thrilled about it. 

First of all, I could be dead, so reaching 65 is actually a good thing. Plus... being kaput would make it much harder to enjoy yet another birthday cake in my honor. Second of all, I am in pretty good health so that alone is a blessing. Third of all, I have some happy celebratory plans and that's always fun. Although I AM keeping it kind of low key this year, since way more than being in my glory over my birthday... I am FAR more in my glory over the fact I will be saving thousands of dollars each year for medical care. Seriously. And fourth of all... isn't 65 like the new 50?? Bingo. I'm young again.

In the meantime... in honor of my upcoming birthday, a couple of months ago I started a sort of contest. I decided I wanted an official photo of me to mark the big event. Thus... I let everyone I came across have one shot at taking a picture of me and in the end I would choose the winner. Guess who it was. Think: CLAUDIA. 

As it happens... she was here one day... took the camera... snapped off several shots and bingo. One of them was the winner. You can even see it down below here. Now, I'm not saying it's the prettiest picture I've even taken, but something in my face makes me happy. I can't pinpoint the reason exactly, but when you get right down to it... who gives a sh$t. I just know something about it makes me smile. Maybe it's the fact that in a photo of me at 50, I have pretty much the same expression in the shot but whatever.

Okay. So then... I decided I would trace myself back through my 60s and see what the F I looked like all these years. By clicking HERE you can catch a glimpse, btw. It's kinda freaky, given there are several different looks, yet I remember them all. As well as remember the times the pictures were actually taken. Even the very first one which yes, I know... I wasn't in my 60s back then. Think instead: nine years old. Regardless, what gets me even more than anything is the shot from my birthday LAST year... the one with the balloon right behind me. Whoa. What a switch up if you ask me.    

So all in all... as long as I don't kick the bucket anytime before the middle of May, I am kinda tickled that I'll soon be an official Senior Citizen. Especially since that when I began this particular blog, I was merely approaching it. Yikes. Talk about time flying when having fun. All I know is: I'm not my Grandmother's 65. Not even my Mother's, maybe. Although I must say, my Mother WAS a beautiful woman, even at my age. Anyway... without any further ado... ta dum... announcing the official portrait of me as a Senior Citizen. Unless of course, a better snapshot of me should ever pop up.

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