Sunday, April 28, 2013


Basically anyone who knows me well, also knows that I have a huge appetite. On the other hand, I rarely eat more than one full meal a day... the rest of the meals for that day consist of either leftovers, cottage cheese or a huge salad. Case in point: tonight I am going to a dinner party, thus I had nothing to eat but a small croissant about noon, I guess. I'm saving the rest of my appetite for tonight's dinner. And naturally, tonight's dessert.

However the day I really want to focus on is last Wednesday, when I met two friends for breakfast. Finally. The diner we love to go to decided to wise up and serve breakfast all day long. Which is good since I never eat breakfast, my favorite meal btw, before 11 o'clock at the earliest. Which means I practically NEVER get to dine out for my breakfast delights given almost all restaurants stop serving them at just about 11.

Delights which you can see in the picture up above. I just had to take a picture of it, given that in real life, you have never SEEN so much food for one person that it freaked even ME out... the person who actually ordered the meal. On the other hand, this is pretty much my standard meal when I'm out. 

I always start with the cranberry muffin as an appetizer (the top of it only) then I order eggs, grits, sausage and then a side of one blueberry pancake. This is pretty much my morning meal at any restaurant in which I'm dining. Especially diners. Anyway... I had no clue the meal came with a buttered English Muffin so as you can see, I just HAD to have a couple bites of that, too. Man, was it delicious. All in all, I loved the entire meal. In fact, I've included an AFTER picture down below just so you could see how much I downed when all was said and done. In the meantime...

There were three of us there on Wednesday and we had been seated in the little corner of the room, where I have sat often. The table is wonderful... although I must admit there is one drawback; the table faces the only bathroom in the place with a short hallway leading to it's door meaning: you get a pretty good view of who enters and/or leaves. Which I suppose can either be a blessing or a distraction, depending upon one's urgency but whatever.

On Wednesday however, I'd have to say the bathroom turned out to be a distraction. Wanna guess why?? Get this: there I was, chattering along merrily with my friends when I noticed some big guy leaving the bathroom. I looked up and saw not only the guy right by me BUT ALSO... that the guy left the light on AND HE LEFT THE TOILET SEAT UP. I wanted to throw up imagining ME HAVING TO DO HIS DIRTY WORK should I need the facilities next.

Therefore I IMMEDIATELY I called out to the guy... HEY! HEY! UH... YOU'RE NOT QUITE FINISHED. FORGET ANYTHING?? YOU BETTER COME BACK AND CHECK OUT THE BATHROOM ONCE AGAIN!! I'm telling you why men leave their disgusting toilet seats up is beyond me. Anyway, in a flash, once he got the puzzled look off his face, he did in fact come back, see that the lid was in the up position, put it down with his foot, turned off the light and then strolled right back by me once again. Grumbling, I am SURE: That stupid bitch!!

But I didn't care one damn bit. Why the hell should I have to fix his tasteless bathroom habits just because he doesn't?? I'm telling you... it was crazy. Of course, AFTER he finished, I did begin counting all the people who went in after he did... seven in total... and then I realized: OMG. I HAVE TO USE A TOILET SEVEN F-ING STRANGERS USED BEFORE ME??? Oh man... so not my style. Of course, half the time I have no choice, but still.

Anyway, the three of us got a slight kick out my reprimanding the guy and I have to say I think I'm lucky the guy didn't just shoot me. Like since when was I ever appointed the Bathroom Police? On the other hand I had no regrets whatsoever. In fact, I'm almost thinking of bringing a homemade sign the next time I go there stating: ATTENTION MEN: PUT DOWN YOU F-ING TOILET SEATS SO THE REST OF US DON'T HAVE TO. AND OH YEAH... WASH YOUR HANDS AFTERWARDS, TOO! That's all I need... to know they used their filthy hands to open/shut the door. Oh man... don't even get me started on THAT.

In closing... thanks for letting me vent and as a present, I'll let you see how much I ate. With sheer delight, I might add.

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  1. U are too much!! Hahaha! That guy will never forget u!!


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