Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Yippee. I can't believe it. Two days in a row I've actually had the energy to shower. One day in a row I had the energy to put on makeup and look like a human being once again. Finally today... I showered, put on makeup AND lordy lordy... PUT ON SOME CLOTHING. I even love the fact that yesterday I was able to stay up for eight whole hours straight! Man... I never thought that was going to happen again.

Later tonight, I'm going to be BOLD and actually venture out for the first time in almost a week to go to a Board Meeting I need to attend. All I can say is that it better not zap me so much that I'll be depleted for a dinner party I want to be at TOMORROW night. That would piss me off, for sure. What would delight me most however, is if I could find the strength to finally do a load of laundry! I wanted to do it LAST week, but alas I was just too damn sick. So basically for all I know, NOW it's going to be TWO loads I need to get done. Oh man.

In the meantime, I'm not dead, which is always a plus. I've even begun to eat somewhat normal food. On the other hand, the pollen collecting on the deck from the air outside is beginning to make me pretty nervous. You should see the glass table top. It used be clear. Now it's pretty much yellow. Which can only mean the allergens are loading up but plenty outside. I just today opened the doors to the deck for a couple of hours. I'm like starving for fresh air once again, but am being ever so careful. Besides, my lawn was mowed today, so I can only iMAGine what kinds of crap must be in the air NOW. Plus all the bees are buzzing around again, happy as larks given the pollen is providing quite the little feast for them. Jesus. I so hate all this. 

I just can't figure out why THIS year I'm being so affected with allergies compared to all the other years. This is totally nuts is all I can say. And... it's making ME nuts. I sorta thought the coughing spells were behind me but I am not so sure right now. WHEN I'll be back on top of my game, I have no clue. I'm almost wondering if I even feel like playing anymore. Regardless... for now, I'm alive alright. I'm just not kicking back with smiles and pleasure. Instead, I'm into bitching and complaining. Which is pretty much my style anyway... healthy OR sick. 

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