Friday, May 31, 2013


Pretend you woke up one morning and your house was pretty much in decent order. Then imagine you got involved with a project. Which then grew into another two or three projects, all the while having different work stations all over the place with your materials basically laid out in several rooms of the house.

Which THEN means you have to imagine nothing short of what looked kinda like a cyclone hit your house. And... throw in the fact that you're still in your nightgown at two in the afternoon, never having yet even brushed your teeth. THEN PICTURE...

Uh oh... your doorbell ringing. COMPANY'S HERE! OMG... that is so what happened to me a few weeks ago. And it was totally embarrassing.

I got a call from Barbara saying she and Laura were on their way over, to which of course I said great. I neglected to tell them the house and I were a wreck, although I did mention I was busy painting a picture. Turns out I threw the picture and the paints out altogether but that's a whole other story.

In the meantime, I do have to say that my company didn't complain once about the cyclone having made a direct hit into my house. Maybe that's because we were all pretty hungry and had to first figure out SOMEthing to fill our faces. My refrigerator btw, while normally quite well stocked, was sadly pretty disappointing on this particular day. Anyway, I have to give my company credit for containing their probable shock. On the other hand...

As if the cyclone wasn't enough already, next thing you know... we were all sitting in my family room, talking about my furniture layout,  trying to figure out a totally new and probably much better configuration. Don't ask.

I have had a dilemma with the configuration of my family room for years. I never USED to have a problem, but then bingo. Three years ago I bought this totally Granny looking sort of contemporary sofa, along with two recliners which I happen to love but arranging all three into a modern looking family room is so never going to happen. And... the furniture was quite a chunk of change too, so 1.) the furniture is here to stay and 2.) it's pretty much not the look I love at all.

In fact, I remember prepping my kid when first he was here to see it by saying aloud... OMG. JUST LETTING YOU KNOW THE FAMILY ROOM NOW COMPLETELY SUCKS. Then, once he saw the new furniture for himself... the very first words out of his mouth were: WHOA. WE CAN NEVER HAVE A PARTY HERE EVER AGAIN, I SEE. Apparently he too got the vibe of the crappy new look. On the other hand, he DID tell me to never let him sit on the new sofa given once seated, you never again want to ever get up. It's WAY too comfortable! Which of course is why I even bought it in the first place. Soooooooo...

In an attempt to switch things up a bit, next thing you know... Barbara and Laura came up with a placement scheme and bingo. Definitely a game Claudia would have loved playing, but she wasn't here. Anyway... we were moving furniture all over the place. Plus, bringing stuff in from the garage, the deck, etc. etc. Enter: more of a cyclone. We THOUGHT it would all look great and had high hopes for the new layout but... ummm... come to find out... in my opinion, it sucked even more. Besides, Barbara isn't all that crazy about the colorful rug I have in the room.

So whammo. Time to move everything BACK to it's original place. Which of course we did, with the final thought being: Guess what. Call Stacey, the interior designer, and have HER give me a heads' up on how to improve things in my family room.

Which I guess is now next on my List of Things To Do. Although I do have to admit I am pretty sure the only thing Stacey can possibly suggest is: UH... GET ALL NEW FURNITURE. Which of course I COULD do but I won't. Turns out the stupid little microfiber covered recliners are even more comfy than the couch. And, deep down inside I really do believe that the REAL problem is the fact the recliners and the sofa are not in proportional balance. Which means:

I'd rather keep the recliners, get a much more stream lined looking couch and THEN rearrange everything. And then naturally... finally sell the Granny Couch. Which I decided I shall sell as brand new given 1.) it absolutely LOOKS brand new and 2.) I never even ever removed the actual manufacturer's ticket. I couldn't. I could tell the moment it was delivered this was eventually definitely going to have to find a brand new home. Hopefully one that would be willing to ante up big bucks for it too, just like I did.    

So the bottom line is: thank you Barbara and Laura for not telling me to my face my home was a disaster. And oh yeah... by the way... the cyclone remnants were all spiffed up nice and neat once again by the time SNL started at 11:30. A time when of course no one rang my doorbell. Figures.

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