Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Well, that didn't take long. Just yesterday I seriously thought Joann was my new best friend forever. Unfortunately I see that I now have to kick her out of the lineup altogether to make room for an even better one: Heather. Whom you can see in the picture above. And trust me... she really REALLY deserves the bump up.

Turns out my bank was trying to give me a heart attack today. Gee thanks Mr. Bank Teller. I was at the bank earlier this afternoon to make a deposit of several thousand dollars and when all was said and done, I just happened to ask the guy: OH YEAH, CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE ME MY BALANCE, BTW? Which he did. Uh... except for one slight glitch. Which basically went down like this:

When I saw the amount of my balance, I specifically asked: DOES THIS INCLUDE THE DEPOSIT I JUST NOW MADE? To which I was told YES. Which right off the bat made me panic. So I said... TIME OUT. SOMETHING'S NOT RIGHT. As in: where the hell is the $10k that's ALREADY supposed to in there?? This question apparently threw him for a loop since he basically couldn't actually give me an answer. It was sorta like: Gee. We don't know. All we DO know is that this is your total balance, including your new deposit. I even told him to get the bank manager over here since I could tell something was amiss. It was probably at this point that I became a nervous wreck, btw. With tears in my eyes no less.  

For obviously... all this naturally threw me into a huge tizzy since I could tell that about $10k was sorta unaccounted for. SOMEBODY had to have it and apparently it wasn't me. Seriously... I haven't yet lost my mind COMPLETELY. Granted, I can pretty much spend money like it's water but whoa. Give me a break. I do have SOME inkling of what monies I supposedly have at my disposal. Well, turns out... I do. Just doesn't mean that the bank does as well.

Anyway, don't ask. I decided to leave the bank and go running directly to my investment office which is sorta connected to my bank account to see if THEY can tell me what's what. To my total relief, after about 25 minutes, HEATHER HAD THE ANSWER. 

As in: the bank branch apparently lied to me for as it turns out... NO. THE BALANCE THEY GAVE ME DID NOT INCLUDE TODAY'S DEPOSIT AFTERALL. It COULDN'T have since the deposit doesn't even POST until after midnight tonight!! Oh MAN... what a total f*ck up it was on their part. And hence why Heather has now become my alltime favorite new buddy.

And... to drive home the point, I had Heather call my branch to TELL them they screwed up. And how they scared the ever lovin' shit out of me, too. Naturally that took another 20 minutes since at first the teller didn't want to deal with the mistake he made that practically put me in the loony bin. Until that is, I asked for Candace, his bank manager there. THEN Mr. Idiot Teller naturally couldn't have been more apologetic. Talk about too little too late however.

In the meantime, all's well that ends well and sometime tomorrow I need to go online and there I SHOULD be able to see my REAL balance which will include today's deposit as a mere addition to what I figure I should already have had. Thank God for small favors is all I can say. And.. thank God for Heather. 

Talk about calming down a crazy ass lady which I'm pretty sure is not REALLY in her job description. On the other hand, thanks to her... I'm back down on earth once again. Well... for now, anyway.  

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