Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I only wished my Mother were still alive to see this. For 11 years I've been waiting and FINALLY... here in my little town JOANN FABRICS HAS ACTUALLY ARRIVED. I can not TELL you how excited I am. It's sheer heaven for me as it would have been for my Mother, too. There... you can see me up above as I entered the store for the very first time. I couldn't help it... I just HAD to document the momentous occasion for all of posterity.

To imagine I can now just zip over to Joann's without having to run into the big city is something I never saw coming. When first told that Joann, my new best friend forever, would be coming soon, I practically jumped for joy. Trust me... the OTHER crappy fabric stores I've had to frequent around here basically suck. Plus what I also love is the fact that the sales help is so damn friendly! It's like there isn't even ENOUGH they can possibly do to help you. Which is what I love about small town living in the first place.

So let's see. Already I've bought three different fabrics, two from which I've already made some summer pants. Next on my list is a pair of leggings out of this great looking slightly sparkly red fabric. All to go with tops I already have hanging in my closet. Boom. Outfits completed. Next on my list is to make slacks or leggings (haven't decided yet) out of this beautiful black fabric I saw with shiny silver circles all over it. Actually... I think I'll go with the leggings given they'll be more casual for this op-art design. Whatever.

Best of all however, is that the manager taught me how to download an app to my phone which then allows me to get immediate coupons front and center to use at check out... all for a 40% discount! Totally love that deal since a new one appears each and every day. Seriously... who could ask for more.

Naturally my biggest fear is that one day they'll God forbid decide to close up shop should there not be enough business around here. Which is exactly my mode of operandi of most things, I'm sorry to admit. It's like I can't comPLETELY adore great news since for all I know it can be taken from me in a split second. I know. I'm nuts. Anyway...

I am so tickled pink over this new store. I was the exact same way the first time the Epic Multiplex came to town too, btw. Even Krispy Kreme! Seriously... it takes just so little to amuse me. They even offer sewing classes but right off the bat I have to cross off those beginning at ten in the morning. Who the hell can ever be up and dressed at that hour? Besides, the first class teaches how to make a tote bag and trust me... that I can figure out on my own. Jeez... I'm thinking more like: please teach me Project Runway type of deals.

In the meantime, I'm definitely psyched about all this. It should certainly keep me off the streets during the heat of the summer and instead, inside my air conditioned home just sewing away, whipping up all sorts of creations. I can't believe what beautiful fabrics there are... most of which I naturally shan't be using given I'm not into creating wedding dresses and such. Besides... fitted clothing is so not up my alley. Oh yeah... I haven't even had a chance yet to hit the craft department, but I'll get there soon enough, I'm sure.

For now... I just feel as if I got to summer camp and in seconds flat, I made a new best friend. Now... if only I could learn how to use all these fancy schmancy stitch features on my machine. Now THAT would be a treat, indeed.

In closing... let me just say that yes. I decided to switch up my font color in honor of my becoming old. I figure this way, I can distinguish between those entries pre/post turning 65. Which I'm totally enjoying by the way.

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