Saturday, May 4, 2013


I've been pretty busy lately focusing on the stunning flowers on my back deck, which believe me... they deserve... but now... oh man, you should see what's about to explode on my FRONT lawn. The two big bushes up above without any blooms are a couple of my several hydrangeas and just WAIT til they flower. OMG. There's nothing like it. Anyway...

The same magic rain that fell on the back deck apparently also fell on the front yard, for all the gorgeous blooms are about ready to pop. The greenery has all returned from after over 5 months of winter type weather and the entire city is just all abloom right now. Including my front lawn which is just now getting it's groove on. There... you can see a picture of it up above. Unfortunately what you can't yet see are all the hydrangea blooms which won't pop out for about another month, but like I said... when they do??? OMG. THAT'S WHEN I FLIP OUT.

The hydrangeas are my favorites for they are BIG and COLORFUL and stay on the plant til almost Autumn. I have white, purple, blue and deep pinks and during the summer you can't IMAGINE how busy I will be snipping off the flower heads to put in my vases all around the house. Even the pink rhododendrons are beginning to bloom and when those whole plants are in bloom it looks amazing. I must have about six or seven hydrangeas, which right now have all gotten their leaves back but damn... it'll be just a couple weeks at least until their flowering begins popping out like corn. In the meantime...

I still can't believe how far all these plants have come in the past six years. I remember well how SMALL everything was when first planted. Now??? Lordy... the front of the house is just so happy looking every time I pull into my driveway. Not only can I see the two gardens... each on opposite sides of the front door... but the colors are astounding. Actually, all this raving about the front yard gardens is also astounding since I am SO not a gardener in the least. I keep it nice and simple... I turn on the spigot, I pick up the hose... boom... I water the flowering plants. I don't even bother with the rest of them. True... every so often I use liquid food for these lovelies, but even that too, I use with an attached hose. Talk about lazy. 

So as I see it... all the greenery is very much coming back after winter. As of yet though... while the azaleas and pansies are out in color, the hydrangeas, the rhodies, the lilies and the roses are apparently going to make me wait it out. Of course the cause for said wait COULD be that here we are, the third day of May and still the temps haven't risen above a daytime high of 64 degrees. How much do I love THAT?? Oh man... you have no idea. As a matter of fact, when I went out tonight, it was 53... I had to wear a coat!! Not my heavy winter one, mind you, but still... a coat!!!

Exactly why I moved here in the first place!! Which, btw, was the best decision I ever made. Oh yeah... here's a picture of the other garden... on the other side of my front lawn. 

Here there are three hydrangeas bushes and two rhododendron waiting to break out. I can't even believe all this greenery is BACK. Thank God. I can not tell you how I simply love the changes of each season... now THIS is a way to brighten your soul if ever there was. 

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