Sunday, May 12, 2013


So what a great day this has turned out to be. Well... other than not being able to see my kid, but that will come soon enough. What I did get to see however, was the most stunning day ever.

I knew it would be great the moment I woke up. Get this... the temp was 50 degrees! As we speak, it's in the 30s but earlier this afternoon the wind was blowing and the sun was bright and I just can't get OVER this glorious weather in the middle of May. Better yet...

Today I went to a Mother's Day fancy schmancy brunch that was delicious. Afterwards... sitting out on the fantastic patio, staring at the gorgeous mountains was simply nothing short of amazing. Seriously... some part of nature has struck me so, every day this entire season.  

In addition to all this... I not only got beautiful flowers from my son, but also got to speak to him earlier today. Ahhhh... life is sweet. I even wore one of my own Mother's bracelets today, which I love doing since that way, she can be with me on special occasions. Oh yeah... I was even able to squeeze in a great 1 and 1/2 hour nap today, too. Always a bonus.

NOW I get to get ready for the next major event of the month. My birthday, of course. YIPPEE. A week from today... 65! I am so looking forward to THAT. I get to kick it off btw, with a special luncheon in my honor on Thursday... where I'm pretty much looking forward to a delicious birthday cake with butter cream icing. My definite favorite. Not discounting of course the fact I'll be with some of my favorite people. In the meantime, all I can say is...

I think of my Mother every single day. Mother's Day or not. She taught me so much of what I know and I'll always be so, so grateful. Besides, I have her calves and ankles and they ARE basically the best parts of my body, actually. I also have her flat ass, which unfortunately is not my best body part in the least. But you know the drill... you win some, you lose some. Actually, up above, you see a picture of my Mother holding me when I was but months old. Kinda like me holding my own kid, down below. Along with a shot of my Mother with Claudia and I. And in case you're wondering... I'm the one in the big girl panties.

For now however, Happy Mother's Day to everyone... whether you're an actual mother or not. For in my book, every woman has done some mothering at some point in her life. She's mothered either a relative, a friend and surely a husband if ever she's had one. I mean seriously, men CAN be major babies at times, right?

Therefore... regardless of who it is you've nurtured, loved or cared for... enjoy the day, ladies. God knows I have!

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