Thursday, May 2, 2013


OMG... I so love this newest find for my Laughing Buddha Collection. Isn't he just stunning?? I was thrilled when I came across him... whom btw, I've named Sumo Tu. I had to. Turns out I THINK I already named either the one in my bedroom or the one in my kitchen dining area Sumo but I can't remember. So boom. This new one has to be Sumo Tu. I decided to rename the other guy Sumo Won. Man... I just wished I could think of the name I gave to the others, but I have no clue. Whatever. In the meantime Sazen, whom I bought a few years ago, is my favorite Buddah but he no longer lives here thus so much for HIS picture.

As it happens, I now have five Laughing Buddhas in my house. One in the five rooms in which I spend most of my time. I adore each and every one of them. Down below you can see a picture of each of them. I love the guy with his hands up in the air since he was my first. Then I found the red one who lives in my family room to greet everyone who comes through my front door. The sleeping baby on the elephant?? Oh man... HE lives on my bedroom dresser so I can happily stare at him all day long. The guy lying on his belly with his head resting in his hands? HE is fantastic and lives on my kitchen side table. As for the three on the ground, they live outside by the steps leading up to my front door.

The best thing about each of my Buddhas are their expressions. Each one has a very different personality. Sumo Tu happens to be the most regal given the detail in his robe. Plus, you should see the BACK of him. The robe is equally detailed with one shoulder covered and the other exposed. I'm so telling you... all of them are fantastic. Granted the three that are kept outdoors are becoming obviously weathered but I'm kinda liking the look. They had started out somewhat metallic looking but maybe one of these days I'll spruce them up. Keyword: maybe.

 In the meantime, I figure that anyone in my house is going to filled with laughter and good times given all the great aura I'm providing. Sort of like: excellent karma is hanging out all over the place. Which naturally is a GOOD thing. I almost feel as if a robber should ever enter my house... Sure. Go ahead. Steal my big TVs and whatever jewelry you want BUT PLEASSSSSSE DON'T STEAL MY BUDDHAS! I really do love them dearly.

So how did I even find Sumo Tu this afternoon?? Get this... for the past couple of weeks, I've been getting ALL kinds of birthday cards from my local stores, offering me discounts to please come in and spend lots of money. Boy do THEY ever have me pegged. Anyway, I got a card from the store where Sumo Tu was and as soon as I walked in, I asked: YOU HAVE ANY BUDDHAS?? Turns out this new one came in just YESTERDAY. I took one look at him and said: BINGO. DONE. I WANT HIM. So I bought him... with a 15% discount, btw. Who could ask for more??

Well maybe me, since I DO need to decide where to now place Sumo Tu. He deserves a place of prominence for SURE. I just can't figure out where quite yet. I mean... I'd hate to kick any of the others out of their place, but man, this is going to be mighty tricky. Plus... I don't want any of them to look tacky by way of overloading any one room. Hmmmmm. This can be a challenge alright, I can see already. And... I am very particular how they are angled in each room. Talk about anal, I know. Case in point:

The wooden guy is facing my bed so that wonderful lovemaking will always take place. Reddie is facing so as to greet guests when they walk in the house and so he can then see us when in the family room. The one with his face in his hands faces me specifically so he can see me as I work in my kitchen. The baby sleeping on the elephant faces my into my entire bedroom. All in all... I'm surrounded with happy serenity wherever I may be.

Anyway... yippee for me. I have the alltime best Laughing Buddhas ever and thanks to my birthday card discount, I have yet another. I totally feel their happy spirit all around me. The only belly I rub btw is the red one. Whenever I REALLY want a wish to come true I run right to Reddie, rub his belly as I make my wish and I'm so telling you... 98% of the time, IT WORKS! And if you ever come to my house, you can rub his belly too! Even better... you'll get to see ALL of my Laughing Buddhas. Here's a quick glance of what they all look like. Trust me... they are all extraordinarily special.

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