Friday, May 10, 2013


Wow. After 6 days of 24/7 rain FINALLY today there is some blue sky! Although I will admit I LOVE grey, rainy skies as long as I'm indoors, relaxing and happily busy doing all my little projects. Plus, I don't even need a jacket today since I think the temps are in the mid 60s as we speak.

So what has all this rain done to all of nature outside my very own home? Get a load of the picture up above. THAT'LL tell you what's going on with nature. EVERYTHING'S GROWING LIKE WILD FIRE. Which actually, is Mother Nature at her best. Given the fact that Spring is here AND it's been raining everyday, all the buds on every tree, bush and flower are bursting out like crazy. But the buds I love most are the ones in the tree up there.

This tree is a Blue Spruce Pine I planted right smack in front of my bedroom window five years ago. I can't get OVER how many buds there are on this tree! When first planted, you had to look way down my window to see it's top. It was maybe four feet below the window sill. The entire purpose of planting it there, btw, was so that I would be able to make sure that the neighbors bathroom window, directly across from my bedroom window would be totally covered. Thus allowing ME to then be totally UNcovered in my bedroom, anytime I wanted, with complete privacy. It's amazing to me that now, after five years... guess what... NO ONE CAN SEE IN AT ALL! Yippee. Talk about mission accomplished. Which leads me to: how'd all this privacy happen, anyway?? Easy.

See all those buds on the tips of the tree branches?? Every year more and more grew and every year more and more of my window became covered. These baby buds absolutely amaze me. I see them once a year, right about now, and the next thing I know... boom... my tree gets taller and wider and my privacy becomes all the greater. So that NOW... what a delight. I don't have into see the neighbor's window and for sure, they can't see into mine. The way these buds just pop up after Winter is astounding. And... look at how MANY there are.

Even better is that I got this tree for free! For one of my birthdays several years ago, about 10 of my girlfriends got together and bought a gift certificate for me from GROWING CONCERN... a nursery here in town. I was THRILLED with the gift and marched my ass on down to the place, with the exact intent of buying myself a tree instead of plants, bushes, etc. Especially since I KNEW I wanted one right by my bedroom. Bingo. Half hour later the tree was bought, the plans were made for it to be planted and bingo. All I had to do was to sit tight for a few years and voila'. Privacy abounds.

I can't tell you how much I love this. And oh yeah... get a load of the picture below. This is exactly what I saw when I opened my front door this morning. SO fantastic. I TOLD Spring was bursting out all over! Man, I'm so loving this.

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