Friday, January 1, 2021



I can’t even believe it. I’ve waited 12 months for this day to arrive… a brand new year! And to be sure I was not dreaming that 2020 was over, I stayed up and watched the ball drop in Times Square. Sure enough, I lived long enough to usher in 2021. What a freakin' relief if ever there was.

Every year btw… my all time favorite part of seeing the ball drop is the music afterwards. First is always AULD LANG SYNE. Then comes NEW YORK, NEW YORK. To which I sing each and every word btw. Then usually comes AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL and finally WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD. Man. What a playlist if ever there was. Actually, I sing to ALL the songs and love every minute of it. Oh yeah… I just loved that Times Square was somewhat filled with front line and essential workers. Boy… did THEY ever help NYC this past year.

Of course this year, was the weirdest celebration ever for me. I did go to a fantastic New Year’s Luncheon with 4 other friends. It was soooo delicious I can’t even tell you. But you can see me above, loving every bite of ceviche with shrimp on a flat taco shell. OMG. I could eat this every day. Of course we started with hors d'oeuvres and champagne so right off the bat I was in heaven.

What was weird however, was that I was at home for the rest of the evening. There was no restaurant any of us wanted to go to for indoor dining. There were no celebrations at night given we had all celebrated Christmas Eve so no one was up for doing New Year’s Eve this year. I only heard two fireworks going off. Thus if it weren’t for the ball drop I wouldn’t even had known a celebration was going on.

Well… except for the fabulous phone calls, messages and texts I got. The calls were great, btw. Hearing from my kid was probably the best but the others were excellent because several were from friends miles and miles away. And we all had the same feeling… 2021 WAS FINALLY HERE! And naturally… we are all crossing our fingers that the in the next 20 days THE IDIOT will not destroy our country further. Talk about a holy terror. Hold on to your hats, folks. God only know what’s in store in the next few weeks.

Regardless… I am thrilled I survived this pandemic so far and am looking forward to a MUCH happier year this time around, on so many levels. I hope the same goes for everyone reading this post. Think: VACCINE. May all of us get it and quickly, so we can finally end this nightmare already. I know. I know. I have to be patient but if I am able to have it by spring or summer I’ll be forever grateful. Yay senior citizens. Yay underlying conditions. Yay thin needles. Yay creating a merry little life once again. Trust me… I have high hopes for lots of things. 

Case in point: I WANT TO GO TO A MOVIE THEATER. Yes, it’s open here in my city, but with rising covid cases, who the hell is going to chance being inside, having no clue how safe the other movie goers might be. Just what I need. Sitting there, downing my beloved popcorn only to test positive 10 days later. Many of us have TALKED about going but we came to our senses immediately. Of course I have other high hopes but again, I will just have to be patient and wait it out. Damnit. In the meantime…

May all of you be able to find lots of joy in 2021! I pray your lives are filled with good health, lots of laughter and is shared with someone you love like no tomorrow. You’ve got those three things?? Boom. You’re off to an incredible start! Yay happiness!

And so here we go. Let’s live and create outstanding memories once again. God knows I’m going to try!  

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  1. Beautiful thoughts and hopeful optimism! I wish I could share that optimism. Unfortunately, I see 2020 as a precursor to an even worse 2021. Already there are problems with the vaccine- from producing enough to distribution to illegalities in administration of it. Even decisions on who to give it to. There are new strains that are more contagious, even in younger people. And all of this against a backdrop of being lead by a lunatic who’s main purpose in life is to shoot a decent round of golf! Also, as you have pointed out, we don’t yet know what he has in store for us in the final two plus weeks. Bomb China? Free all prisoners? Recall all troops from all over the world? Why not? How better to look good then to leave your successor a complete mess. We will be going through our second reconstruction era in 160 years. And, I fear, this one will last a lot longer. So, while I truly do wish all your hopes, dreams, wishes, and optimistic ideals come true, we’ll have to wait to revisit them in 2022. But, at least for you, I can only hope you remain happy, healthy, and wise. And may 2021 be one of your best years ever!


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