Saturday, January 9, 2021


At least I think I do. I haven’t lived with him long enough yet, to know for sure. But I kind of think I really do! And no wonder…. he’s fantastic!

Turns out I needed to find some sort of artwork I could love to hang above my ugly family room couch. The couch about which I’ve often written. So I had to decide first what kind of “subject” I would like this artwork to be. I could have gone with an idea of nature but that was not rocking my boat in the least. I could have also gone with some sort of modern art, which is my preference but again, it wasn’t necessarily giving me a thrill.

What DOES give me a thrill, however are the Laughing Buddhas I have in each room of my house. THOSE make me smile every time I look at one of them. I like the idea of their bringing happiness into my home, not to mention the abundance, good luck and good fortune they represent. Simply put… each Laughing Buddha brings love and joy into my home. Who WOULDN'T like that?? Soooo….

Once I decided what my subject was going to be for above my couch, I went online and Googled Laughing Buddha images. Bingo. Zillions came up and I must have spent about an hour or two going through each shot trying to find the one I loved most. UP COMES THE ONE YOU SEE ABOVE. He struck a chord with me right off the bat. Plus… he was gold in color! While my all time favorite color is white, gold is pretty much the only metal I’ll ever wear in my jewelry, so it was like a match made in heaven. Plus… he was LARGE.

Next thing you know, I downloaded the image, tweaked it some in Paint Shop Pro and then boom. I uploaded it to an online service that creates said image onto a canvas print for a wall hanging. Talk about easy. The pricing is totally reasonable enough, so basically if this doesn’t work out as well as I hope, then no big deal. I can find a replacement lickety split. But I’m not so sure I will need to. Yippee.

It’s kind of interesting about Laughing Buddhas, actually. They all have a different significance depending upon whether they are standing or sitting, for instance. They also mean something different if they are holding a specific item and even in which direction you place him. Like the one above, for instance. See his beads? They represent “pearls of wisdom” which, given you read my blog, you already know… I am FULL of such pearls! Or... full of shit. Take your pick. Anyway… 

You should not ever put Buddha on the floor which is why the one I have in my bedroom, is sitting on a base that I put underneath him, on the floor, facing my bed. I kind of like knowing a Buddha is bringing me happiness for a uh… happy encounter, let’s say. What? Not EVERYbody does that? Well, let me tell you… they should! For he’s proven his worth many a time. In any case…

NEVER put one in a bathroom. Supposedly the best place to sit him is facing a main door, btw. And… his placement should be at least 30 inches high. Which now that I think of it… maybe I better go measure the one in my bedroom again. He and his base may be a bit under. Uh oh. 

Regardless, a Laughing Buddha should definitely be revered. Granted… I can’t say I reVERE my Laughing Buddhas, but I certainly get major joy looking at each of them. I would like to tell you which of mine is my favorite, but I’m not sure I can. Sort of like you can’t say which of your children is your favorite. Well…unless of course, one of them is a constant pain in the ass and always brings major aggravation. In which case, love that child with all your heart, but definitely move that kid to the back of the line.

I do love the Laughing Buddha in my dining room, however. He is kind of elegant maybe, hence why he sits on my side serving table. Which of course I never use for serving. Instead I have other pretty crap I like looking at, so who has room for food?

While the laughing expressions thrill me to no end, their bald heads and pot bellies are a big delight for me, too. Sort of like all men my age are, actually. A 75 year old gentleman with abs like a 35 year old? Please. Get real. And… this is important… if that gentleman can’t make me smile and laugh several times a day? Out he goes! No questions asked. Who needs him then? What you DO need however…

Is a Laughing Buddha in your home! Small or large doesn’t matter. I can almost guarantee he can make you happy each time you see him. As do the bowl of Italian Murano glass cherries I have in my family room. AnOTHER reason to be happy given… life IS but a bowl of cherries! 

Whoa... no wonder I'm rarely depressed.

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  1. Congrats on your new purchase! You’ve become quite the expert on laughing Buddhas. I, too, have a Buddha in every room. Mine is a mirror, and, believe me, the Buddha I see is NOT laughing. One question- Do your Buddhas keep getting fatter? Anyway, keep up the happy thoughts and, every once in awhile, rub the belly for good karma to come your way!


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