Friday, January 15, 2021


I’ve written often about how I go nowhere without my camera. Even today, I still have my little digital camera in my purse at all times. True, I never use it anymore, but I feel absolutely naked without it. Why don’t I ever use it? Easy. I got my first Pixel 2XL phone a few years ago and boom. Goodbye digital and hello cellphone. So now both cameras are with me everywhere I go. But the Pixel camera is way better.

And it’s a good thing, too for you just never know what the heck you’re going to see while out and about. Like the time I was driving behind a car and for the first time ever, I saw hanging from its back fender, TRUCK NUTZ. Why ANYone would ever want these is beyond me, and I do have to say I was aghast when I saw them. So much so that bingo. I took out my camera while waiting at a stop light and next thing you know, I snapped a picture. And… I posted a whole story about them here on my blog several years ago. It was nothing short of crazy! What is not so crazy… are these pictures I’m going to show you below, a bit of what my life in photos for 2021 has been like so far. Uh… you’re welcome.

Unlike the truck nutz… I am going to  go way to the other end of the spectrum… for I had a MAJOR happy surprise last week. I was sitting at my desktop, happily working away on something and I look up and see from the window in front of me an Amazon truck pulling into my driveway to deliver a package. Yay presents! So I get up, go to the front door and open it so I can grab the present and WHAT DO I SEE  WAITING FOR ME, AT THE DOORSTEP BUT A HUGE BOX OF FLOWERS!! Omg… I couldn’t believe it! They were probably there, unbeknownst to me, for maybe a half hour BUT WHOA was I ever surprised! And totally delighted!

Which naturally meant, to hell with the present from the Amazon delivery guy… I wanted to go check out the flowers I received, instead! Oh man. They were OUTSTANDING! Don’t believe me? Check them out below…

Beautiful, right?? Took me no time at all to open the flower box and my eyes popped out with a huge smile on my face. Plus… I got the most beautiful purple crystal wind chime that was included! A DOUBLE SURPRISE. You have  no idea how much I love wind chimes. In fact, I have one right smack outside my window as we speak. So basically these treats absolutely made my day! And my week too, actually, for they are still stunning and fresh. QUICK! Whip out the camera and remember this day for ever! Which naturally I did. I am beginning to think I need this treat every month btw, but yes, I know. I totally don’t see that happening. It doesn’t matter though because this kind of surprise can last for always. Besides… I’m not into greed. Conspicuous consumption, arguable. But greed, no. Anyway…

Another absolutely amazing day was just a couple of days ago when I woke up. Still half asleep, I moseyed into the kitchen to get a drink, not even fully awake yet and I look out my kitchen windows, Boom. What do I see but THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SCENE EVER. It apparently had snowed all night long and boom. I see this!

Can you believe it? Now THAT’S what I call Mother Nature at her best. How long you think it took me to grab my camera and get THIS shot?? And… not only did I start taking pictures, but I began shooting videos as well. Oh man. It was just so magnificent, I can’t tell you. Coming from South Florida, having lived there for 55 years, I NEVER saw this, I can tell you that. And… this is exactly why I left. 4 ASTOUNDING SEASONS! Winter has totally become my favorite, btw. It has definitely surpassed autumn which had always been my No.1, but since coloration the past few years has been kind of weak, winter has moved right on up a notch. Can you blame me? Seeing snow fall is exciting in your heart and soothing in your mind. And… just so beautiful to watch, no matter your age nor your favorite season.

Okay. So ANOTHER great day was on New Year’s Eve when I went to a spectacular luncheon at a friend’s home. There were many reasons why I loved that day, but the best part was when I helping my friend learn how to use the cartridge of weed for her vaping pen. We followed the instructions, kept trying to get it to work and we were getting nowhere but fast. We Googled instructions and even watched YouTube to see what was going wrong. THEN… ALL OF A SUDDEN… I SEE MY FRIEND COUGHING HER HEAD OFF, SURROUNDED BY CLOUDS AND CLOUDS OF SMOKE which only means… guess what. I got it to work! I BURST out laughing like crazy because we had no clue that I discovered the answer to taking a toke. It was just so great, let alone hilarious. And man, was she smashed. It was like out of the blue, bingo. The pen worked and my friend, by total accident, inhaled the hit of her entire life!  

BUT… my second favorite part of the luncheon was the after-lunch-cocktail we were served. Normally, I NEVER drink liquor and if I did, vodka would be my go to choice if there was no champagne. Never straight up, mind you, but that matters not. However… on THIS day… I had a cocktail not only made with vodka but with bourbon and Irish whiskey, too! WHOA. Maybe the most liquor I’ve had in my entire lifetime. AND, MIXED WITH CHOCOLATE SYRUP, TOO. Don’t even ask. I was buzzed like no tomorrow. Not enough though so that I couldn’t get a shot of this simply DELICIOUS drink! Take a look at it, and if ever I’m at your house, definitely have it ready for me, please. But stop me after five sips. Otherwise you could so have a houseguest on your hands for a good three days.

Looks pretty spiffy, right? And, like I said. Oh, so delicious. No wonder. The chocolate drowned out the taste of liquor perfectly! Oh yeah. I was the one to dip all the cocktail glass edges in syrup, in case you’re interested. Make this drink. Your guests will lap it up!

Now THIS photo needs no explanation. I just wrote about him the other day. He is totally a joy for my eyeballs. And a pleasure to see each time I pass by him. Which is about 50 times a day. The picture is not doing him justice, but I had to take a shot of him anyway for he is just so wonderful.

Alright. So once again, Covid is taking it’s toll on me. Remember many months ago when I wrote about the fact that this pandemic just HAD to end, and soon, given I couldn’t stop cooking? And thereby couldn’t fit another damn thing into my freezer? Uh. Guess what. IT’S HAPPENED AGAIN. And I am not proud about it, either. In fact… it is soooo embarrassing that I’m even unhappy about sharing this photo, but as per usual… anything for my readers! Totally do not judge me, please. Besides… I have completely organized the entire freezer by now… and it looks WAY more acceptable. Not necessarily more accessible mind you, but far more organized. It was feat all onto itself, I don’t mind telling you. Don’t tell anyone you saw this, btw. They’ll call me a sloppy homemaker which I am NOT. There is simply not an INCH of space for one more item. 

Now this last photo for today is a shot I took a few days ago because I looked at this pose and immediately decided it was like WHERE’S WALDO? Instead of course, it was more like: WHERE’S ZEBULON? Bingo. In his bed, which apparently matches his body EXACTLY! I couldn’t believe it! If I had WANTED a bed to perfectly match him, I could never have found one. But one look at this and man, I almost had to say HEY! WHICH PART IS WHICH? WHAT’S GOIN ON HERE? WHERE’S MY DOG? Who as a matter of fact, is THE most perfect dog you’d ever want to meet. Well… other than the fact that for some reason, right out of the blue, lately he apparently now loves to pee right smack on the right hand corner of my bed skirt. What? My decent enough sized backyard is no longer good enough for him? Wow. Talk about spoiled. Regardless… get a load of this pict.

An adorable little dog, right? You could so eat him up! And, just so you know, if  Zebulon decides to keep up with this peeing bit by my bed corner, all applications for finding him a new home will be accepted via this blog. Maybe. I just may have to keep him after all, since you won’t know exactly what he’s trying to tell you the way I do. Nor will you know what he likes and doesn’t like. Most importantly, you won’t know that he would never run away when someone enters the house because he’s way too nosey to not check out the incoming company. BUT if you open the front door when they leave? Uh… he runs like a bat out of hell and the next thing you know… he’s busy roaming the entire neighborhood for a good half hour! With NO WAY WHATSOVER of catching up with him. The closer one gets to him… the faster he runs the other direction. Talk about a pain in the ass. But a great subject for a picture nonetheless. 

So there you have it. My first shots for 2021. There will be zillions more to come as the year passes so stay tuned. More importantly… you too, should be taking pictures! There is a better way to document one’s life? Uh… no. 

Oh wait… I lied. There IS one more picture I want to share once again. I wrote all about him many years ago.This is maybe my ALL TIME FAVORITE EVER. The EXACT reason to always have a camera at hand. Talk about THE funniest shot I’ve ever seen! And sadly, not one I took. But who cares. Although I would LOVE to thank the photographer profusely whoever it was. THEY WERE BLIND TO WHAT THE CAMERA WAS CATCHING?? Think: apparently!

Can you beLIEVE what you're seeing here?? Does this not make you absolutely laugh right smack out loud?? I bet I've had this snapshot for 15 years and I would not part with it EVER. How could I? You're feeling blue one day? No problem. Take one look at this guy, oblivious to everything, and the next thing you know, all your cares fly away in a second. 

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  1. Wow! What a life! We’re only two weeks into 2021! You better slow down! First, you must have a secret admirer who recognizes your “colorful “ personality. Second, what a beautiful scene! And you are fortunate to have four seasons. In my neck of the woods, we’re down to two seasons. If you sleep in one day, you miss Spring and autumn! Third, 5 sips is all it takes? You must do a LOT of dating. But the drink does look great. I’d like to try it with the vodka, bourbon and Irish whiskey. Mmmm! Fourth, great shot of Zebulon. It looks like he has a GIANT TAIL! And last, of course, the fisherman. It looks like he has a GIANT HEAD! Anyway, another great blog from a very talented and colorful person!!!


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