Saturday, November 28, 2020



If I actually had something to say, I suspect this entry would be way better. But the fact of the matter is: I have absolutely nothing of any interest to ANYone about which to write. In fact, the only reason I sat down here at the computer is to calm down while I await my guests for Thanksgiving dinner. Which is interesting only because this is the first time in about 15 years that I have even made Thanksgiving dinner.

Normally I take about a dozen of my favorite people to the country club for their FANtastic buffet dinner and believe you me…. I WISHED I WERE THERE RIGHT NOW. But of course I can’t be. First of all, there is no way I am going to do major indoor dining due to the pandemic. Second of all, they can no longer even offer a buffet style meal… again, due to the pandemic. You have no idea how crushed I am about this. Buffets are my all time favorite way to dine since I totally love having a mere taste of everything… not just one actual entree’. Of course the mere tastes totally could wind up feeding a family of 4 in no time. Plus… I can’t even go to the quarterly seafood buffet because that too, has gone down the drain because of covid and THAT was totally my all time favorite.  

Anyway… my table is set, very low key table scaping I might add, but it looks pretty enough. My food is in the over, my hors d'oeuvres are out and my champagne is ready to be opened. All in all, I think dinner is going to be pretty delicious. YAY THANKSGIVING.

To also help to calm my pre dinner nerves, I directed Alexa to play Fats Domino so I can hear him throughout my entire house. This delights me to no end. Naturally, I’m going to have to tone down the music considerably once everyone is here. Something like the Rolling Stones, maybe?? Now THERE’S dinner music if ever there was. 

But for now, I can dance all around the house, feeling happy as a little lark looking forward to seeing everyone. And when I say everyone, I mean: 6. That's all I'll allow in the house at a time. In fact, last weekend I had my son order a thermometer gun for me just for this occasion, so I could aim it at their forehead and test everyone's temp as they enter... just like they do in doctor's offices. I so love this toy. Oops. I mean medical equipment. In the meantime...

While I was working in the kitchen… all day, I might add, save the hour I took for a happy little nap…  I was thinking about all my favorite things in life. Notice I wasn’t thinking about  things for which I’m grateful, which would have been way more apropos, but who cares. Instead, I was thinking about what made me happy and I decided what the hell…  I might as well share my Top Ten Favs with you. Therefore, in no particular order, here are some of the items I came up with for my list:

FAV 1. Being kissed by someone who actually knows HOW to kiss. I mean the kind that envelops every one of your sensual and/or sexual senses. I needn’t go into details…but very few have had the chance to enjoy this sort of kiss because most men just don't know how to REALLY kiss. Trust me on this... I've kissed many men in my life and while some just out and out sucked, most men merely kiss adequately. However, lucky me, for I totally HAVE had a gentleman kiss me the way a woman craves and it brought me to my knees each and every damn time. Thank you He, Who Shall Remain Nameless!

FAV 2. Driving a Cadillac sedan, which is the one car I’ve driven more than any other make I’ve ever owned. In fact, I took my driving test at age 16 with a '63 Cadillac Sedan DeVille and therefore, boy! Can I ever parallel park! I downsized a few years ago, but I am fantasizing of buying one last Cadillac once I pass my drivers license renewal test in May. IF I pass. I am so praying my eye sight can read those crappy tiny little baby signs they show me. Really... I can barely see them! Talk about a rigged test. 

FAV 3. THE all time best song to dance to: CLICK HERE THIS VERY MINUTE! And... turn the volume up to 110! OMG. You have no idea how sexy this music is. The sensuality of the rolling rhythm knocks the fucking socks off my feet. Dancing to it raises my happiness level to no end. And if I played this song 100 times in a row, I'd never tire of it! Seriously. If you are dancing with me to this... I will fall in love with you immediately. Sort of. You SING THIS TO ME WHILE PLAYING THE PIANO... I will fall in love with you definitely. Forever. For you'd be my kind of guy, hands down.

FAV 4. Food. I love to eat. Everything and almost anything. Very little explanation needed here.

FAV 5. Laughing. Especially with my son. He’s got a keen sense of humor much like myself. Naturally, I laugh as much at top seasoned comedians as I do at low brow folks whose minds are in the gutter. I’m apparently an equal opportunity kinda gal. One of the funniest things my kid ever did for me btw, was a routine he made up in the car one day. It was a sort of thing whereby he pretended he was a Latino professor of English as a Second Language, but he was teaching his supposed class with not only a Spanish accent, but also with a lisp the entire time. OMG. If only you could have heard him. I nearly drove off the road. Now that I think about it, I bet he was high on weed. 

FAV 6. DEFintely my desktop. I couldn’t live without it nor without all my software programs. I’ve mastered many programs throughout the years and I don’t even know if I could choose one favorite. Wait… oh yes I can. My picture editing software. 

FAV 7. PRESENTS! I totally love getting gifts and/or money. And… if the presents are a surprise from right out of the blue, all the better. I have a whole routine going down when I open a present, btw. I close my eyes, unwrap the gift, take it out of it's packaging if there is any, and then hold up the gift right in front of me and BINGO. I OPEN MY EYES WITH MAJOR EXCITEMENT. I'm telling you... any little present does the trick.

FAV 8. Live concerts! Geez… I’ve been to so many and have loved every one of them. Talk about being easily amused. My first was when I was 14 and my brother took me to a traveling Top 40 doo-wop concert which excited me to no end. Chubby Checker doing the twist was fantastic. When Freddie Cannon sang Palisades Park I popped right up and began dancing and singing immediately! What a night for a young, impressionable girl. When I was in high school my uncle got me tickets to the Ed Sullivan show in Miami Beach and who was the headliner? The Beatles! And while I LOVED Billy Joel, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Cher, etc. etc,. NO one excited me more than Elton John, whom I’ve seen several times. Oh wait. I bet Elvis might come first. It’s a major toss up alright, but both lit up my night like never before. 

FAV 9. Extra large sized pieces of statement jewelry. I don’t do small, dainty looks. In my book, that's for 12 year old little girls. Which is where my top of the line faux jewelry comes in. Big and bold and boom. You’ll notice me alright. I’m the one whom people will remember and about whom someone will whisper into another's ear: Holy Shit. Did you SEE what she has on? Oh... they may imply I looked way over the top, but it just goes to show they have no fashion sense whatsoever. Life Lesson: BIGGER IS BETTER. Just ask Iris Apfel. Now THERE'S someone who knows fashion.  

FAV 10. My Google Pixel 2XL cell phone. Man. I just can't say enough about it. BEST PHONE EVER. The screen is large. The camera is the best money can buy. YOU can keep your iPhone. I'm going with this one, every time. In fact, just yesterday I called Verizon to upgrade because of Black Friday sales. I got all the info I needed and maybe today will be the day of the new purchase! Am definitely pretty psyched.

And there you have it, folks. My Personal Top Ten favorites. There may be more but there's just so much I include here. Like how much do I love GOOGLE. What an invention! I also love when my lawn is newly mowed. Or when snow is falling right smack in front of your eyeballs. Or kissing a year old baby. Oh well, ten is all I need right now. And, btw...

My next post could very well be: MY TOP TEN LIST OF 2020. You already know my Number One. HE'S GONE! Now there's something for which to give thanks.



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  2. Beautiful blog as usual. I’m glad you were able to remember good things. A few disagreements: Fats Domino is great, but best dancing song is COME TOGETHER by the Youngbloods. It was my wedding song, so it’s lost some of it’s appeal; try MIDDLE AGE CRAZY or 39 AND HOLDING by Jerry Lee Lewis; funerals have to be George Jones; all-around best try Doug Stone. 2020 was a great year for me. It gave me an excuse for not leaving my house, but I truly feel for the millions that contracted COVID and lost loved ones. My good memories will begin on January 20, 2021!


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