Monday, April 14, 2014


Just had to blog this title since I totally love the date and wanted to have something for posterity to remember it by. 4 is one of my two alltime favorite numbers and boom. Today's date has it all. My first favorite number, btw, is 2. Which only means... come 2/2/22,I had better high tail it over to my closest lottery dispenser. If only. On the other hand... I said 4 and 2 are my FAVORITE numbers. Not necessarily my LUCKY ones. Anyway... 

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know. I haven't been doing alot of blogging lately and several of you have been getting on my case about it. I've been either so damn lazy or so damn busy. Take your pick. I will say this however... all in the Land of Linda has been mighty spiffy and for that, I am ever so grateful. As soon as I can, I shall be posting the entries that are still in the draft mode and bingo. I'll once again be sharing all the stupid little tidbits of my life.

Yippee. I remembered to call my accountant today to ask for an extension. Whew. 

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