Sunday, April 27, 2014


You can't imagine how many times a little girl might hear this happy suggestion up there in the title, when playing with another little girl. I had a Barbie at some point and of course I had little girlfriends. However I must also admit I myself rarely invited a friend to play Barbie since I never really got into the Barbie Doll craze all that much in the first place. Even when Ken came onto the scene, it was a non event for me.

In reality I never got all much into playing with dolls of ANY kind. Crayons and bike riding, yes. Hopscotch definitely. But Barbies? Man... I bet that held my attention for all of 15 minutes at a clip. I never collected lots of doll clothes either. I don't know what was wrong with me but I just never felt much like sitting on the floor, bouncing a doll all over the place pretending she was a princess off to the ball. Too bad I don't have my 1950's Barbie anymore btw, given I am pretty sure that mine would probably have brought in some mighty nice bucks nowadays.


Okay. So I wasn't a Barbie freak. But just take a look at the "other" Barbie up there in the picture... although I'm sure many of you have already seen it. It's kinda like an updated version to match the 21st century. Now THAT Barbie I can relate to! Hers is a figure that pretty much resembled what I looked like as an 8 year old. As round as I was tall. Although I can almost promise you my mother would have never bought such a doll for me since she'd never want to actually promote my life long battle of carrying an 20 extra pounds. Just what she needed. TWO chubbettes in the family.

But then again... for little girls today who are as chubby as I was? Man... they must be thrilled to have a Barbie lookalike such as this. Not that I'm even sure they're on the toy store shelves, but still. Besides... according to all the current statistics, Barbie's measurements are like impossible for any human woman to even begin to mimic. The chubby Barbie on the other hand... bingo. Many a little girl can identify.  

The funny thing is that while I spent SO much of my youth trying to have a "figure" it was when I turned 40 that I decided once and for all FUCK IT. I wasn't born with a hot body and I'm never going to have a hot body. Unless of course for the times when I would down amphetamines for 3 months straight. Which I did and whose fantastic effects lasted maybe just another 3 months. Thus.... I completely called it quits in the dieting department and haven't looked back since. Now I'm not saying I purposely TRIED to put on weight, but I simply decided that I'm not going to waste time and energy any longer in starving myself to have a look that wasn't me in the first place.

Also... don't get me wrong. I totally try to eat healthy... french fries being my down fall... but if I put on an extra 3 pounds I don't go crazy in working to take them right off within days. Eventually I get back to my normal weight and I'm happy as a lark once again. Seriously. Women my age who STILL count every single calorie that goes into their mouth are nuts if you ask me. In my mind... eating whatever the hell makes you happy is an absolute right of passage at this point. I DO try to exercise properly mind you, but again... if it means fanatical work outs, then forget it. I'll totally stay chubby.

Which brings me back to the two Barbies. The glamorous one and the realistic one. If you fall into the glamorous category then lucky you and you're probably a major bitch. If you're more like me though, and fall into the realistic one then yippee. Call me up and maybe I'll suggest "let's play Barbies". For trust me... I'll have plenty of goodies on the side table to keep us and our dolls perfectly happy. 

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