Friday, April 25, 2014


So I have a friend who decided to make the big move a few months ago... he opened his own flower shop! I was really psyched for him and for his Grand Opening he asked me to take pictures of all the festivities. And trust me... there were festivities, alright. Way better than I could have ever imagined.

I had not seen the shop until the day of the opening and when first I walked in I was totally blown away. I swear... I thought I was in Manhattan or something. The shop was SO STUNNING I couldn't believe it. I fell in love with it immediately. There is simply nothing like it here, in our little baby town in Western North Carolina.

First of all, the shop is decorated just so beautifully. Kinda like Paris meets elegant rustic mountain living. There are lots of home accessories but most of all, the flower selections are to die for. And as for my friend's floral arrangements?? Don't even ask. THE most stunning colors and varieties you've ever seen. Which naturally means the store's opening was a huge success. And... the pictures came out GREAT if I say so myself. Plus... the food?? OMG. I downed some of the most delicious foods ever that day. So up my alley. Oh yeah... there's a picture of me up above there, taken at the party. Nice flowers, right?? My friend brings a whole new meaning to: GORGEOUS. You should have SEEN what he created for Valentine's Day and Easter! In the meantime...

A couple of weeks after the opening, my friend then asked me to please do him a huge favor for a wedding he was doing two days later. The favor was easy as pie... to please sew the seams to six long table runners that he would then use on some black pillars at the event. I naturally said I'd be happy to help so I then quickly figured out the easiest way to tackle this and bingo. The job was done.

The whole time I was working on the runners, I kept thinking about how exciting it must be to be a part of such happy occasions since as you know... weddings are by far my favorite celebrations. Therefore, when I brought the finished items to him, I told my friend I'd be happy to help any time he needed an extra pair of hands. For seriously... what could be better than working amongst beautiful flowers for beautiful occasions. Boom. I've been helping out ever since.

The entire set up is PERFECT for me. I don't have to be there at any special time. I don't have switch up play time with my friends and most of all, I don't even have to miss my happy nap time if I don't want. I mean seriously... what could be better for me? So... for the past several weeks, I've been going into the flower shop for a few hours a day and have been learning just what great planning, projects, etc. goes into being a florist. A FANTASTIC florist I might add. I totally love when the customers come in and hear them rave about how absolutely magnificent the work is. And get this... I even swiped some credit cards for their purchases! Well... wait a minute. Let me rephrase: I've even helped to complete their credit card orders. Whew. Big difference. Anyway...

I've also been able to help out on some of the display preparations for the store even though granted... any 10 year old could definitely do what I did. It's not like anyone would EVER confuse my contributions with my friend's creations, but who's counting. I've also helped to edit the website which will be up and running by next week I believe.

The bottom line is: I'm actually having a great time lending a helping hand. It kills plenty of time for me in the afternoons and I'm getting a chance to see a master at work. Plus, I get to go help with setting up the arrangements for events although I do have say... Mother's Day weekend there is a huge affair coming up and uh... I may be out of town for it. I know... just when I may REALLY be needed, I bail. But so be it.

For now... all I can say is it's simply a totally wonderful way to help someone out and enjoy a part of my day as well. Plus... the Spring flowers now are just so stunning, it takes my breath away. The community here has embraced this new store so enthusiastically and for that, I'm so thrilled. Oh yeah... I Googled LILIES the other night. Have any clue how many varieties there are?? Oh man... don't even ask. I will ask this however:

How'd YOU like to receive an arrangement like THIS one?? Outstanding, right?? Didn't I tell you??

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