Tuesday, April 22, 2014


How much do I love this sentiment?? Isn't the concept just PERFECT for me?? You can't imagine how thrilled I was when first I saw it. FINALLY. SOMEONE GETS IT. For trust me... if ever there a woman who would love living in an opulent palace with my knight in shining armor, let alone ruling some fantastic realm, it would so be me. DEAR GOD: IN MY NEXT LIFE PLEASE LET ME HAVE SEVERAL WONDERFUL LADIES IN WAITING WHOSE WISH IS BUT MY COMMAND. THANK YOU, GOD. AMEN.

On the other hand in THIS life, I can merely dream. I can also swoon. As in: swooning over the most adorable royal baby ever. I am telling you... I just can't WAIT til Prince George is a couple years older, walking and talking. Am I the only one btw, who thinks he looks exactly like Queen Elizabeth did as an infant? It's uncanny if you ask me. But... I digress.

Getting back to my dentist. The craziest thing was going on with what apparently were problems with my salivary gland a few weeks ago. I spent about a month with my dentist sending me to one doctor who sent me to another who ordered a CT SCAN only to be sent to a final doctor who told me my salivary gland seemed to be clogged and therefore created this disturbing baby bump in my neck. Happily the scan told us the node was benign thus began his pretty easy directions for helping it to subside somewhat in size.

It's still there, but that's probably because of the 5 directives the doctor told me to do, I decided to do only the 2 easiest ones. But who's counting. Oh wait... I did happily suck on the sugar free lemon drops he told me to get and I must say... they were the most DELICIOUS medicine I've ever been prescribed. Regardless, I do have to point out however that... I know, surprising... neither my dentist nor the neck surgeon mentioned the fact I absolutely deserve to be wearing a regal crown. Man. Talk about not knowing their patient, at ALL.

As it happens however, who needs them since I DO have several crowns, not counting the couple I probably have in my mouth. For instance, every year my sister in law buys me a crown pin. I also have a few home accessories with crowns on them. Plus I have a couple actual beautiful diamond like tiaras to wear on my head. That's the good news. 

The bad news is I can hardly think of one event to which I could ever actually wear any of them other than on Halloween, let's say. Unfortunately the English royal court has yet to issue me an invitation to any of their get togethers. Which is totally a shame since I've got my jewels already all lined up for such an event should the invite ever arrive. But whatever.

In the meantime, I so have to get this picture up above framed and hung in my house sometime soon. It makes me smile every damn time I look at it. Of course I'll have to redo the colors in it since purple and pink are not quite what I'm going for in the home decor department. Plus I'm not 12 years old anymore. And even then, purple was never ever a color with which I bonded too well. I DID bond with the queen concept right smack off the bat... just not with her regal purple.

So the bottom line to all this?? Whomever came with these fine words of wisdom, I do have to say a major thank you! The idea that someone totally gets how I surely deserve a crown is SO spot on. Uh... not to be confused with the ones my dentist already put on my teeth many years ago. 

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