Thursday, April 24, 2014


My Mother used to be sooo fascinated with genes. It was always amazing to her that they could be so strong in people, from one generation to another. Case in point... supposedly I have my Father's nose. I was told ever since I was baby, that I looked just like my Dad but in particular, that I have his nose. And believe it or not... I almost have to say that my son ALso happens to sorta have my nose. Ergo: the nose genes apparently have indeed flowed from one generation to the next. What's also freaky is that my brother's daughter was always told that she looked exactly like my sister! It was nuts... at times people thought maybe Claudia and Laura were sisters. Which is good, for Claudia and I look absolutely nothing alike. But whatever.

In the meantime, I was at fancy party a few months ago and up above you can see a picture that was taken of me while there. Yes, I was having a fantastic time and in fact I was having SUCH a great time that I even decided to drink a glass or two of wine. Something I RAREly do. But what the hell... I figured it'd be fun to shake things up a bit. 

However... neither the party nor the wine nor the fun is what conjured up any party memories when first I saw this photo. What DID strike me more than anything ELSE was: OMG. MY HANDS LOOK EXACTLY LIKE MY MOTHER'S!! Honestly. It just totally blows my mind. I have legs like my Mother too, but in this picture it's the hands that startles me. I never ever before would have thought such a clone of Mom's hands would one day become mine.

My take is: age is probably what's responsible for this identical lookalike deal. For when I was young, my hands looked very much like that of a young, happy go lucky sort of woman. But now that my hands... fingers in particular... have begun to be those of an almost 66 year old woman, bingo. MOM ALL OVER AGAIN! It's crazy. And btw... up until the year before my Mother passed away, she had a manicure every week of her adult life. ME, TOO. But eventually, apparently even with manicures, both our skin began to age, both our knuckles began to look older and probably some arthritis even began to affect our bone structure in our fingers. I just think this is SO damn amazing. I would kill to still have my Mom around now so I could actually show her the freakish resemblance.

Besides, my Mom would probably be tickled pink that I got all dolled up for this party. For she too, loved getting all dressed up for happy times. And of course for flirting with hilarious men. Even though now that I think of it... Mom ALSO had a completely flat ass, JUST LIKE MINE. Damnit. Now there's a case alright where genetics did NOT work in my favor. Because in this instance, with the genes of "no ass" going on, who the hell can possibly look good in... uh... a pair of hot rockin', sexy jeans??? Oh man... in my next life I SO pray I have a tight, shapely, round looking ass! And of course, a tiny waist. Oh yeah. And a hard rock belly, too. 

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