Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Oh man... I was so on the path of a major fiasco. I can't believe I even had the restraint to nip it in the bud before God only knows what might have happened but thank God I did.

Turns out I'm cheap. Well, sorta. Most of the time I'm willing to pay higher than list but who's counting. Yet when it comes to coloring my hair, I totally cheap out. Everyone else I know pays zillions of dollars to have their roots colored each month and frankly, they're happy to do so. I never was.

Thus for the past 25 years I've always colored my hair MYSELF. First of all, it's easy to do. Second of all, I can do it any damn time I want, day or night. Third of all, as I said... I'm cheap. Which basically means: who the hell needs to pay a hair salon when I've got my own right smack in my own beautiful bathroom. Besides...

Only once in all these years did I ever have a significant color problem in the outcome. Naturally, btw, it was the night before I was heading out on a trip to Myrtle Beach so obviously I just decided to go with the flow and learn to love my charcoal colored hair. A far cry from blonde, I might add.

In the meantime... tonight could have been so much worse. I have no clue what was wrong... the packaging, the expiration date of the color, or what. BUT... what I do know is that when I mixed the color with the developer there was NO way I saw a light colored cream solution. Instead... I saw a color that definitely resembled Lucy Arnez Red! Whoa. Are you kidding me? That's going to make my hair blonde when applied?? I so can't see that happening. Although trust me... I was but this far from taking the chance. 

Forget Lucy... I could have wound up with Kelly Osborne magenta for all I knew. Not at ALL the Champagne Blonde I was going for. I swear... I thought I was looking at a brown brick color that was nothing like any mixture I had ever seen before. You can see for yourself in the picture up above.

So whew. Reality kicked in just in time and I finally decided: STOP. STOP NOW. DON'T EVEN THINK IT. APPLYING THIS COLOR SO CAN'T TURN OUT GOOD. Which of course is too bad, since basically, that was $10 thrown out the window but fast. But I definitely did the right thing. For in no time at all...

I got out yet another box of the same coloring mix and voila`. THIS time the coloring solutions came together in the regular looking light beige sort of color IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE and I knew... bingo. I'd have my normal blonde hair once again. And sure enough... blonde I got. Talk about walking right up the edge of a cliff without going over. Yippee. No disaster, afterall.

So basically I wasted $10 on the first box that was going to for sure, destroy my hair. On the other hand, I saved at least $50 by doing it all at home rather than in a salon. So as I see it... in the end, I saved $40. Nice rationalizing, right? Yay. Now I can go buy something with the money I made.

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