Saturday, May 16, 2015


Man... time is marching on, alright. In a couple more days can you beLIEVE I'm going to be 67 years old?? Whoa. I don't know whether to be freaked or to be thrilled. I guess I should be thrilled. Better on this side of the grass rather than under it, right?

The other day a friend of mine was over and took this picture you see of me up above there. Which I guess is as good a way as any to show what 67 looks like nowadays. Hence my conclusion: things could look worse. Way worse.

Yet I do have to say that there are plenty of other people my age who still look pretty damn good. I'm not implying that I myself am necessarily one of them, but on the other hand... I can hold my own pretty well, I think. In other words... I'm totally not my Grandmother's 67. Actually I don't even think she lived to be that old. Whatever. In the meantime...

Yippee for me. I think I'll make this shot my official Birthday Portrait for 2015. It is what it is and besides. My sister always says that today we look at ourselves in pictures that were just taken and go: ugh. However ten years from now we'll probably look again at the very same pictures and wind up saying: Hey. Who knew we looked so decent way back then? We could have been so way worse.

In closing... let me just say that while May is my birthday guess what June is? NINE YEARS THAT I'VE WRITTEN THIS BLOG!! Holy ba holy. Granted, nothing I think or say is of any importance whatsoever... but even I am stunned that I had this much about which to write in the first place. Talk about time flying when having fun. Oh yeah... and how cool is it that this was published at 5:19 p.m.??

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