Thursday, June 4, 2015


And no... I'm not talking carbs and calories. I'm talking about the REAL LIFE Fats. As in: Fats Domino. The alltime best rhythm/blues singer ever put here on earth. I could listen to this man sing for ever and ever. And the very first song I'd listen to, will without a doubt ALWAYS be either one of two: WALKING TO NEW ORLEANS or I WANT TO WALK YOU HOME.

In either one of these songs, like so many others... the music/melody literally roll with a basic blues rhythm that almost reQUIRES your body to begin gently moving to a raw, sensual beat. Which by the way is exactly why BLUEBERRY HILL was such a hit back in the 50s. Everybody on the planet began to sing along with that tune the minute you heard the very first three notes of the intro. Then of course throw in Fat's smooth voice and base lyrics and boom. You're in musical heaven.

Where thankfully Fats is not yet resting. Instead, he is still alive and kicking although no longer performing. He lives in New Orleans where he was born Antoine Domino and before he even spoke English, he spoke Creole. He learned to play the piano when he was seven and from that point on... well, the rest is history. Besides Fats has the most gentle looking face I've ever seen...he's got a smile that'll knock your socks off.

As it happens... piano is my alltime favorite instrument. Enter: my love for Elton John and Billy Joel. But still... listening to Fats Domino speaks to an innocence of love and simplicity that is far different than any other pianist. Well, in my opinion, anyway. Which is why I've linked my absolute favorite Fats Domino songs down below. If you have any musical inclination whatsoever then you totally need to listen to each and everyone of them. You will be delighted. You can also thank me profoundly via email.  

What I can't believe is that I am going to kick the bucket without ever having had the chance to see Fats in a live performance. You know those crazy ass girls who screamed and fainted when the Beatles used to perform?? Well guess what. That would ME at a Fats Domino concert. He is in his 80s by now thus he stays pretty close to home nowadays. And basically has, ever since Hurricane Katrina, which pretty much destroyed everything he had. In fact... there is an album called Goin' Home: A Tribute to Fats Domino that has hordes of the best known rock stars ever, recording songs by Fats with proceeds having gone to help rebuild his home.

Actually I myself did a cover song of sorts when I was but 8 years old. I totally remember being a little girl and belting out Blueberry Hill for my family, grandparents included, while once at an outdoor picnic. It was probably the first rock song I memorized and trust me... yes, I was a chubby idiot while performing but also... I was a budding diva. Oh man... if only there were a home movie or something to have documented this crapola performance. It would have been HILARIOUS.

In closing let me just say if you think for one minute that Pat Boone's AIN'T THAT A SHAME is anywhere NEAR a hit sound then not only are you nuts but more importantly... you and I have absolutely NOTHING in common whatsoever. Even all those artists who covered I ALMOST LOST MY MIND should be ashamed of themselves. NO ONE, not a one, can compare to how Fats Domino sings it. Not even Ivory Joe Hunter. 

Okay... so I am now into day three of binge listening to Fats and am loving every minute of it. Take a gander at some of these songs for yourself, to enjoy some of the best tunes EVer. Talk about not being able to get enough. And no... you won't see Blueberry Hill in the lineup below given who on earth hasn't heard it a million times already. 

In the meantime... tonight is dinner and the Patsy Cline musical play. Yes, it will be great. But still and all... it won't be Fats Domino. Damnit.

And... the REAL best of the best, which you need to begin at 2:22...

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