Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Ever see those ladies getting makeovers at the cosmetic counters? Or women who have the make up artist arrive two hours early for a bride and her entire entourage? Or even the hostess of a snazzy event have the makeup done at her own house before a fabulous party? Trust me... these artists can take sadly plain women and turn them into MAJOR makeovers. Well... okay. Not always necessarily starlet like makeovers, but still...  totally improved. Which is probably why Glamour Shots was such a fantastic craze back in the 80s. It was way up my alley, btw.

In the meantime, I so loved the other day, when I came across a bunch of pictures about makeUNDERS. As in: some guy who decided to take movie stars and re-create them as normal looking people. It was simply amazing!! I couldn't stop laughing because I see people all the time, walking around everywhere, begging the question: Jesus. Don't these people... women in particular... ever look in the friggin mirror?  Would it kill them to take five minutes and apply some mascara, blush and lipstick? Or how about... get to a hairdresser and figure out a style that's even HALF way becoming?? All I'm saying is okay... we can't all be movie stars. I get that. But at least make SOME effort.

Anyway, who cares. People can either make themselves as attractive as possible or they can't. It's up to them. But regardless... you totally have to check out the samples of makeunders, down below. They make me chuckle but plenty! I think my favorite is Madonna and Paris Hilton. I could name each of the stars for you, but 1.) I'm too lazy and 2.) you should definitely be able to figure them for yourselves. Oh yeah... Scarlett Johansen is pretty good, too. 

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