Monday, May 11, 2015



I know that I'm in the minority but I can't help it. My take is pretty much the way I raised my kid. You lied? Cheated? Stole? Boom. That's it. You get punished. And... I also made pretty sure that the punishment fit the crime. In addition... I figure this sort of credo goes for not only child rearing but also for business, politics, relationships, etc.

Which is why I am so disgusted with sports heroes of today. In particular... Tom Brady. I don't care what other people say... he totally knew about the football inflation rules as well as the fact his Superbowl balls were purposely deflated. Thus guess what. Tom Brady is not only lying but should totally just be kicked out of the game forever. HE CHEATED. He cheated in the most important game of the season, too. What's the big argument here? Who cares how many bucks he brings to the game? Who cares what his record is? The guy didn't play by the rules and the guy needs to be punished. REALLY punished. ITS OKAY TO THROW ALL VALUES TO THE WIND, LET ALONE THROW THE GAME ALTOGETHER? IN HIS OWN FAVOR NO LESS? I'm just so damn disgusted by all the lying and cheating that this world today now finds so prevalent and yet sorta acceptable.

You know Ray Rice? The guy who beat up his fiancĂ© in the elevator? Get this... she's still madly in love with him! WHAT? IS SHE OUTTA HER FREAKIN' MIND?? Violence is now an okay thing with women? Like just how low can one's self esteem be that they find it necessary to decide a month after the incident... YOU KNOW WHAT HONEY. I TOTALLY LOVE YOU AND WANT TO BE YOUR HAPPY BRIDE FOREVER AND EVER. LET'S JUST FORGET ABOUT ALL THE BLOOD OOZING FROM ME, OKAY? BESIDES... YOU PROBABLY HAD A GOOD REASON TO DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Jesus. This just makes me sick.

Then of course there's Manny Pacquiao who kinda sorta forgot to tell fight higher ups that uh... oh yeah. He had a sore shoulder or something and oops. He forgot to mention it while zillions of fans were shelling out zillions of dollars assuming he'd be in tip top shape to maybe beat Mayweather. Well gee. Isn't that special. Thanks Manny for screwing lots of fans. As for business and Congress... don't even get me started. I'd NEVER be able to find enough time to get on soap box for THAT.

And btw... I've had many discussions with my kid lately about the all the recent police brutality, too. I am sick and tired of the mentality of the police force where it appears to be so okay to shoot black men... armed or unarmed. My kid on the other hand often feels that: Hey... you fuck with the police, don't be surprised if you run into major trouble with their treatment of you. To me... treatment is one thing. DEATH IS TOTALLY ANOTHER. 

And in this vein... this crap of suspension with pay makes me want to throw up. You fucking killed a guy with mere bullshit cause?? GET THE HELL OUT OF THE POLICE FORCE THIS MINUTE. I don't care WHAT the reasoning was. And... I don't believe the policemen for one minute whereby they were scared for their lives. THEY'RE SIMPLY LYING. My take is: in the past few years they've got this killer instinct no matter what, and they're going to let it play out with ease. I submit... killer instincts are pretty much for the Navy Seals only. Not for your neighborhood policemen.

I know, I know. Many will totally tell me I'm off my rocker, but the fact is: I'm not. I'm merely so disheartened that today's society is filled with such anger and hostility and lack of judgment, honesty and values. Our country is going down the tubes but fast as is, but decent behavior and sensible calm appear to have gotten down there decades ago. I mean seriously... STILL we're dealing with rampant racism?? Has NO progress been made since the days of George Wallace? Okay. Granted... SOME progress has surely been made but man. Talk about a mere tip of the iceberg. 

I have always been anti gun and I still am. I have always been for the death penalty, too. I also hate that Congress has long ago decided representing the interests of the lobbyists were more important than the interests of their constituents. Oh yeah... and about this separation of church and state business? WTF is with that?? Who cares what our Congressmen think about rape and abortion unless it's in their own personal lives? Keep religion out our laws! Same goes for gay marriages, too. Let consenting adults live and love legally, already. And as a byline: Congress should TOTALLY be thrown out on their asses! Why? Simple reason: they have no interest nor any clue in compromising whatsoever.

Yeah. Yeah. I know. I'm just an old lady writing a blog about getting even older. On the other hand, I've had the pleasure to grow up during the most prosperous age of our nation. I've seen so many wonderful things occur during my lifetime but as I look around NOW... holy ba holy. It's all gone to hell in a hand basket with no turning back, if you ask me. And... stop breaking wholly reasonable laws regardless of what your position, how you earn your money or where you pray. Most of all... stop lying and stop cheating and stop resorting to violence. Oh yeah... and stop hating. So let me close with: 

I admit... I'm no lily white. I've made plenty of decisions in my life with which you may not be thrilled. But then again... they never affected YOU. Thus... don't judge me and don't worry about me. I've lived a perfectly fine, decent  life so far and as for those maybe iffy decisions? Sorry... but I'm thrilled I made each and every one of them, afterall.  

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