Saturday, May 16, 2015


Yay. It's May. Which means: yippee. It's  my birthday month! I totally love my birthday month and more importantly, I love my birthday. I also love celebrating it with friends and even more... I love presents! Oh yeah... and I REALLY love birthday cake and ice cream. All in all, my birthday is an excellent event for me each and every year. Besides... who the hell even knows just how many birthdays I may have left.

Which is why I like not only getting gifts from others, but in case those gifts may suck, I always make sure to  buy mySELF a present, too. Kinda like: having a built in precaution to assure I get something outstanding. This year I decided to buy some driving moccasins... exactly like the ones you see in the picture up above. How much do I love the red color!! I adore each time I wear them. 

I saw these in the catalogue so I called my local Talbot's to see if they had the red color in stock and naturally... no they didn't. So I had to order them online which I did last week and yippee. They arrived here within days and I'm am going to love them for summer wear. So much so, btw... that I decided to go for broke and spend big bucks for them. Uh... regular cost: $139.00. Luckily however... they didn't cost me nearly that much. For some reason this Candy Apple Red pair were on sale for $109.00. Then... even better I think I got some sort of a code discount PLUS I was able to use my birthday discount that Talbot's sends me each year. Next thing I know... my wonderful new red shoes come to a total of of about $65 which is a perfectly acceptable amount to spend on myself for such a happy occasion.

The funny thing about this shoe is that I NEVER wear moccasins. Ever. Girlie flats? All the time. Moccasins? Never. Until that is, last March when I couldn't help myself and bought a pair of these driving shoes in blush pink. Totally beautiful. And... they match my blush pink everyday pocketbook that I got last December. I've been wanting a pale pink purse for years and whammo. I finally found one that fits my requirements perfectly. Am thrilled, believe you me. Plus... I'm almost thinking that I can wear these red and pink shoes in winter, too. Just add a pair of spiffy socks and yippee. I'm off to the races. Granted... they can't replace a much needed boot in the thick of winter but still. I should be able to find plenty of days to wear this new look.

Don't get me wrong. I can never possibly give up all my favorite flats. That's not even on my radar whatsoever. But I'm kinda looking forward to breaking outside of my fashion box and going with these driving moccasins every once in while. Totally comfortable, btw! Besides... red? An outstanding color for so many outfits. And speaking of red...

I am utterly heartsick over the fact that Summer is here which means: time to don my adored red framed glasses. The ones I loved wearing for six months last year until it was way into Autumn. It was probably at the beginning of November when I switched up my frames and went back to my tortoise shell glasses only to find that guess what? I put on my regular glasses alright but.... WHAT THE HELL DID I DO WITH THE RED ONES WHEN I PUT THEM AWAY?? The ones I want to wear right smack NOW! I can not TELL you what sort of searching I've done throughout my entire house, closets, clothing, drawers, cabinets over, under, EVERYwhere only to realize: they are GONE! Forever. Kaput. Ain't never coming back. And trust me...

I am sick over this loss. I mean... yes. They'll be found ONE day alright, but... it will a day after which I am long gone and when someone comes in, removes all my belongings and buys my house. I just can't iMAGine where they are, but it's not for my not trying. After all, wouldn't they look fantastic with my new red shoes??? DEAR GOD... I LOVE THE COLOR RED AND WOULD BE FOREVER GRATEFUL IF YOU PLEASE BRING BACK MY RED FRAMES LICKETY SPLIT. Thank you God. Amen.

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